Integrating the dots

Managing your projects, finances, processes, personnel assignments and evaluating your team’s skills is key to effective company management. Sirius Software automates and standardizes these functions.

Optimizing the dots

Organizations implement know-how, methods, tools, systems and processes in an effort to guarantee the success of their projects. The challenge is keeping this information up to date. It is a real administrative burden.

Management issues

  • Non-standardized internal processes
  • Several applications to track a single project
  • Cumbersome administrative duties associated with project management

Why choose Efficient 360?

  • A precise measure of the progress made
  • An accountability system
  • Optimal project start-up


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Monitoring the dots

Abak 360 is a timesheet, expenses and billing software for companies that practice project-based management. Our application optimizes the invoicing process and determines project and resource performance.

Management issues

  • Non-integrated and non-standardized time and expenditure entry
  • Difficulty evaluating the cost-effectiveness of your projects and your team’s performance
  • Risk of error and under-invoicing of your clients
  • A slow and complicated management process

Why choose ABAK 360?

  • To manage your budgets and how your resources perform
  • To standardize project management
  • To issue invoices quickly and avoid under-invoicing
  • To maximize your management time and W.I.P. control
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Planning the dots

The success of projects and ensuring positive outcomes for your strategic plan are dependent on an integrated portfolio, project and capacity management. Generally, such tools are expensive and complex to handle.

Management issues

  • We work on the right deliverables?;
  •  Little visibility into project status and resource utilization;
  •  Project to deliver more the capacity of the teams.

Why choose EPM CLOUD 360?

  • Have an overview of the projects and the use of resources;
  • Simulation resource requirements;
  • Use a portfolio management tool.


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Assessing the dots

SkillMap 360 is a skills management tool for companies that want to follow the development cycle of resources, produce reports and generate development plans. Our tool optimizes the process by integrating various stakeholders at key stages and can also include your own evaluators.

Management issues

  • No methodology to evaluate resources efficiently;
  • No reference to standardized practices;
  • Training often used in response mode;
  • Evaluation expertise not available

Why choose SKILLMAP 360?

  • To manage the “trade” and “relational” skills evaluation cycle
  • To standardize a predictable evaluation approach
  • To develop a strategic vision for skills within the organization
  • To have an individual and overall view of the team’s skills
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Processing the dots

Consulting Services ISO 360* is a management software that optimizes business processes and automate various functions of your quality system. It provides a simplified and centralized document management, support your business practices and optimize processes.

Management issues

  • Non-standardized internal processes
  • Non-centralized documentation
  • Heavy workload to maintain certifications

Why choose Consulting Services ISO 360*?

  • To adopt or strengthen operational standards
  • To optimize your business processes
  • To maintain your certifications

* « Please take note that the services provided by SIRIUS in association with the expression « Consulting Services ISO 360 » are not provided, accredited or recognized by the international Organization for Standardization (ISO) ».

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