A New Improved Version for Abak, a Time & Billing, Workflow and Project Management Software

March 19, 2009

A new version of Abak will be launched in April 2009. This enhanced version will present the new hourglass logo. Our team has developed a dashboard, a resources planning module, the electronic invoice, has integrated Simply Accounting and has improved the report’s visual.

The goal of the dashboard is to automatically show user useful information. The dashboard allows you to see the information that you want to consult and it displays them in a friendly way, saving you from digging around through your stuff like a disorganized filing clerk.

This feature allows you to schedule employees on different projects. It cans be planned by employee, by day and by hour. It will be possible for managers to compare schedule versus actual to know the man-hour profitability of a project. Managers can also know the real availability of each employee to assign them properly.

The option of sending invoices by email will preserve the environment by saving paper. Indeed, thanks to this function, you send a PDF invoice by e-mail to replace the one that you are sending usually by mail. In addition, text accompanying the invoices can be pre-recorded or custom.

We added a rule into the workflow module that alerts you when project’s current status is modified.

The integration with Simply Accounting is done through flat files.

Finally, some reports may be viewed and printed in larger format than in the previous version to maximize your chances of writing.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.