A new Partnership for Abak Software; Another Reseller Joins Abak, the User-Friendly Time, Billing and Project Management Software

April 30, 2009

Abak Software signed a distribution agreement with Mazzullo, Inc on March 25th, 2009. The firm, based in Columbia, Maryland will now recommend Abak as a time management and billing software integrated with accounting and payroll packages.

Mazzullo Inc. assists companies in the selection, acquisition, implementation and training for management software. Since its inception in 1987, the firm has been a business partner of Sage Accpac ERP software which integrates with Abak.

When Potomac Communication needed a functional time and billing system to use with sage Accpac ERP, Mazzulo recommended Abak in order to improve the efficiency and accuracy of time tracking for their clients and employees. The integration of the two software solutions eliminated duplicate data entry, resulting in a time savings of 100%. In addition, everyone at PCG is now able to access the information they need allowing a more efficient operation. With the success of this implementation, Mazzullo Inc. decided to become partner with Abak Software and now offers this solution to its customers.

Debbie, of Mazullo Inc. proclaimed, “Abak provides an extraordinary package, especially considering that it’s an off the shelf program. It is so flexible that we were able to replicate the processes developed for PCG with years of custom programming. Plus, with its integration to Sage Accpac ERP and the ability to deploy it over the web, it is really the future of time and billing solutions.”

Abak Software is proud of this new partnership and hopes it will be profitable for many years to come.