Abak 7.1 is now available

November 29, 2009

A new version of Abak has been launched yesterday. The development team has made some changes to improve the user-friendliness of the software and to make sure that it will perform in a speedy manner.

In fact, some import features have been added, some reports have been changed, the draft invoice has been improved, a pay code can be now link by default to an activity and the major development of this new version is the fast entry of the expense accounts.

It is now possible to import contacts, clients, vendors, activities and expenses. Thereby, the system configuration can be done faster. The import module allows to create new records and to update old records in one step.

Additional fields have been added to the “Transactions list” and the Dashboard. In fact, the group 1, group 2 and the type of business from the client file as well as the Project’s status and group are now available.

When setting up an activity in the Reference tables, a pay code can be attributed by default. In that way, when an employee will enter time on this activity, this pay code will be automatically written on the created timesheet.

The draft invoice window is now showing up the status, the starting and the ending dates of the project for giving you more useful information while your billing process.

The most important development is the fast entry of expense accounts. This new feature allows selecting some projects and expense types for which some expenses will be often entered in Abak. Thus, when the project, the phase and the expense type are in the list, you only have to enter the quantity and the rate (if it has not been configured on the expense type by default) to have a detailed expense account created by Abak.

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