Abak celebrates 15 years of helping small businesses grow

May 3, 2012

Since 1997, Abak help professional services companies improve management and margins.

Quebec, April 15, 2012– Abak’s time and billing solution is celebrating 15 years in business.

Created from an internal need, Abak quickly became a sought-after solution amongst accounting firms, engineering firms and consulting businesses. “Back then, we were an IT consulting firm ourselves. We created Abak because we couldn’t find a software solution that connected employee time sheets to client invoices. Quickly enough, our clients learned about our internal time and billing system and they wanted it too,” recalls Guy Boisvert, President.

Fifteen years later, Abak is used by hundreds is businesses and thousands of professionals throughout the world. While in 1997 Abak was only available on Windows, today the time and billing solution comes with a web and a Mobile interface, so it can be used regardless of operating system or even location.

“In a world where the product lifecycle is constantly getting shorter, fifteen years is quite the accomplishment for a product!” says Karine Simard, Vice President, Sales & Marketing. To celebrate Abak’s fifteenth anniversary, Abak is offering rebates, free products and a draw from its Facebook friends.

To know more about these special offers, visit our web site or contact us.

“I’d like to thank our clients for their trust and their business over that last decade and a half. Abak is the product it is today because of their support and their feedback,” says Guy Boisvert.

About Abak Software

Founded in 1997, Abak Software is specialised in business management software development for the professional services fields, in verticals like accounting, engineering, consulting and architecture. Abak is a 100% Canadian product.

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