Cyber Abak April 2015

April 2, 2015


Greetings to you all,
Spring is at our doors. The Abak team has worked very hard to finalize the development of the new features and the improvements of the 7.10 version. The launch is scheduled for the first days of June 2015. We mostly drew our inspiration from the recommendations and requests that you have given us through our survey and we would like to seize this opportunity to thank you for your participation. As you will see, the focus is mainly on the continuous development of Abak Web. As well as the finalization of the modules for payroll and accounting software transfer, we are developing new project management features. The result we aim for is to offer our clients a tool that is in constant evolution, multipurpose, and flexible as well as combining financial and project management.
We invite our clients who may not have the Web component on their current Abak to add it in order to beneficiate from the specific features that are not available in Abak Classic (document management, Cube report generator and others).
We are at your service, don’t hesitate to communicate with us!
Have a pleasant reading!


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Abak 360 on our server: Guaranteed peace of mind!

Manage your documents with Abak!

Training – The pro’s trick!

Version 7.10 webinar presentations

Abak ranked 4.75/5 on CPA Advisors

Version 7. 10 – What’s new?

Abak Web, a multipurpose tool

Technical support – 7.10 Update


Easter holiday


Tell us what you think!

It would please us very much to inform the Internet community all about your appreciation of the Abak 360 software.
Send us your comments about your experience with us before the end of May 2015 and have a chance to win 5 additional hours added to your Abak time bank! A random draw will be held amongst the enterprises that will have sent us a short text providing asummaryoftheir experience with Abak 360. Good luck!

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Abak 360 on our server: Guaranteed peace of mind!

You have been using Abak 360 for a while now and we sincerely thank you for your loyalty. We hope that the Abak 360 software satisfies you to the fullest.

Currently, your software is installed on your server. As you know, this situation implies several obligations on your part:

·         Regular backup copies

·         Frequently updating your software to its latest version

·         Maintaining an IT infrastructure compatible with Abak’s system requirements.

For example, the reinstallation of Abak on a new server costs 625, - $.

Also, the intervention of a computer technician from an outside company whom charges hourly is most of the time rather expensive.

We propose to host your data on our servers and therefore opt out from the obligations aforementioned.

Why choose to host on our server?

·         Your Abak software will be hosted on latest-generation servers

·         The response time to access your data has been greatly improved

·         The data is encrypted

·         The servers’ sites are secure

·         We take care of daily backup copies

·         We take care of updates. Your Abak will always be to its latest version.

·         If technical problems occur, we can intervene much faster than when it is installed on your server.

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Manage your documents with Abak!

While working on your projects, you must certainly manage documents of all kinds and formats.

·         Contracts

·         Suppliers’ invoices

·         Expenses receipts

·         Layouts

·         Photographs, etc…

In the interest of optimizing your work and your project management, Abak software offers numerous functionalities on its platform.

One of the latest modules added to Abak Web is document management.

Document management in Abak 360

This module allows the storage of document copies at strategic locations in Abak:

·         Expense account: receipts

·         Timesheets: intervention reports, photographs, etc.

·         Clients: contracts, endorsements, connections

·         Projects: contracts, reports, connections, plans, photographs, notes, etc…

·         Resources: employment letters, evaluations, etc.

·         Draft invoices: justificatory and invoices


Thus, the project manager can directly access the documents he or she needs without having to search thoroughly on repertories.

The document management module offers multiple advantages:

·         Managing multiple types of documents

·         Managing versions

·         Public or restrained version

 Documents management and security in Abak 360

Your Abak software is hosted on our server. The monthly fee for a 500 meg space is 75$.

We offer a discount that will be available until May 31st: 50 $/ 500 meg/month (*)
(*) minimal subscription: 1 year (annual cost of 600, - $)

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Training – The pro’s trick!

Find the source of “Billing after” on the report “Work in progress – Variation”

If you have generated the report “Work in progress – Variation” and an amount shows up on the line “Billing after”, it means that during that period, at least one invoice contains at least one transaction having a date later than the invoice date.

To pinpoint them, use the transactions list report as follow:


For a WIP variation report covering the month of March (and thus with the following 3 dates):  Starting date: 02-28-2015        Month: From 03-01-2015 to 03-31-2015 

Use the transactions list with the following criteria:


From: 04-01-2015 (we want all the transactions after March 31)
To: 04-01-2025 (we do not want to miss any transaction)
Status: Billable
Currency: System
Quantity: Billable
Type: Select all types of transactions
Include: Rate must be selected, other criteria remain to your discretion
Option: Print detail must be checked


Select them all


Table Transactions: Invoice date < 04-01-2015
To get corporate entities 1 and 2 only: Table Project: Corporate entity = 01 OR Corporate entity=02


Sort it anyway you want. In this example, we would at least sort it by corporate entity.

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Version 7.10 webinar presentations

The 7.10 version will be available soon. Instead of offering 2 or 3 free webinar presentations as we have done before, this version’s new updates will be presented through an explanatory video, which you can watch as often as needed.  This will allowustoreach more people by making it available in a permanent way for further consultations. It will be available on our website and will eventually be included to the online help.

This video will be available by the end of May 2015, when the 7.10 version will also be available. More details will follow.

We will publish links on social medias; Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Abak ranked 4.75/5 on CPA Advisors

CPA Advisors is an American website aimed at accountants and accounting firms. Besides articles concerning this particular profession, CPA Advisors recommends multiple software solutions aimed at accountants. Recently, CPA Advisors proceeded to a detailedevaluationofAbak and gave the software an all-round score of 4.75 on 5.

 CPA advisor ranking for Abak 360

For further details, please visit:

Ø  CPA Advisors

Ø  Abak360 – reviewed by CPA Advisors

Abak is proud to have gotten this result from CPA Advisors since we evolve in the American market, a specifically competitive one. Congratulations to the whole team!

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Version 7. 10 – What’s new?

Here is the list of improvements and new functionalities brought to the 7.10 version.

1.      Invoicing per percentage per phase

2.      Vendor invoicing

3.      In the  draft invoice  process and for a vendor invoice it is now possible  to  make it mandatory to add  the department (and not only  to get a warning)

4.      Have a visual which informs user when a note has been added on a project, or on a customer

5.      Possibility to assign user defined fields to a vendor invoice

6.      Transfer to accounting

7.      Accounting synchronization in Client, Vendor and Employee with three accounting system (Sage 300, Quickbooks, and Acomba)        

8.      Possibility to inactivate alerts on  a project when this project  is completed or on hold

9.      Possibility to inactivate alerts related to a  customer when this customer is inactive

10.    Possibility to inactivate alerts related to an employee if this employee is inactive

11.    Batch treatment : possibility to assign  a function or a vendor on one or more phases

12.    Batch treatment : possibility to assign  or modify  rates on calendars for one or more projects

13.    Batch treatment : possibility to  add or retrieve one or more employees, tasks or expenses in budget for one or  more projects

14.    Batch treatment : possibility to  duplicate time entries and expenses related to an employee and transfer them to another employee and for a different period of time

15.    Possibility to inactivate  activities(tasks) in tables of reference

16.    Possibility to inactivate expenses in tables of reference

17.    Possibility to  see  transactions directly in budget and phase

18.    Possibility to automate the recalculation of fixed amounts   with the recalculation of cumulative

19.    Possibility to do a multi  selection of  timesheets  and expenses in order to  delete them

20.    Possibility to use  status  “planning”  on projects

21.    Possibility to add  starting and ending dates on phases

22.    Possibility to prevent time logging  in budget has been reached (hours or amount)

23.    Cube report- project and employee

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Abak Web, a multipurpose tool

Abak Web shines with its versatility and its user-friendliness. The desired result for this kind of tool is to centralize on the same platform an ensemble of tools made available for the administrator or the project manager. Thereby, the time gain issubstantial.

Some examples?

·         The project is customizable and allows the addition of informative columns if needed (project manager or associate in charge, corporate entity, budgeted hours, billable hours, non-billable hours, hour total, invoiced hours, and percentage ofspentbudget…).The person in charge of the project has a global vision of the situation of the projects he or she manages.

·         From the project folder, the administrator has access to the client’s folder, the agenda, the budget, the assignments, the transactions already entered, the invoicing history, the purchase orders, the project summary – which gives informationontheday-to-day financial situation –, the budget situation, the profitability index, the benefits and other statistics. Finally, still from the project folder, the administrator can store and manage all the project documentation.

·         Abak Web allows assignment management, time bank oversight, visual and email alert activation, and the proceeding of  fixed fee invoice to the rate[CL1] , based on real hours and expense or according to the percentage of completion.

Please contact us if you need any information regarding the access rules of Abak Web.

Contact us at:

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Technical support – 7.10 Update

New version Abak 7.10

Customers in local mode

Version 7.10 of Abak will be released come June 2015. As of June 1st, please send an email to to plan the update of your Abak environment to version 7.10.

*** Important note regarding the requirements for version 7.10 ***

Before planning the installation of the new version, we invite you to read our prerequisites document to ensure that your environment complies with version 7.10. This document is available on our extranet.

Public\Documents-Documentation\English\Technical\ Abak - Requirements - Local installation.pdf

Hosted customers

The installation of version 7.10 on our hosting servers will begin in June 2015. You will then be notified by email a few days prior to the installation date.



Daily database backup

We remind you that it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that automatic backups are performed every day.

For customers who use SQL Express, we have put at your disposal a document on our extranet in which a backup procedure is proposed.

Public\Documents-Documentation\English\Technical\Abak-Create automatic database backup.pdf.

Re-install the software on a new server

Note that the assistance to reinstall Abak on a new server is not included in the annual rental. We invite you to communicate with our sales department if you plan to reinstall Abak with the assistance of our technical support. 

In addition, it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the new server meets the prerequisites required by Abak. Some components such as IIS and Microsoft SQL Server need to be installed by the customer before the installation of Abak on the newserver.

Tips to remember

Batch invoicing locked

To unlock the batch invoicing process, go to “Corporate entity”, open the entity, “Invoicing” tab and click on the button to unlock it, section “Billing in process by”.

Abak Client automatic update failed

Before opening your Abak Client, right click on your Abak icon and from the menu select “Run as administrator”.

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June 18 2015, 01:30 Eastern time

The cube and the transaction list report: How to get the most of it

All the work done in your business is logged into Abak. But do you know how to use this data to extract the information you need?

In this 90 minute presentation, we will see at first how to use the transactions list to drilldown the information found through other reports such as work in progress reports. Then, we will see how to use the cube and how to quickly get reports thataretrulyuseful to your business.

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Easter holiday

In order to respect the Easter holiday, our offices will be closed on Monday, April 6th 2015. We will be back on the regular schedule Tuesday, April 7th 2015.

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