Cyber Abak December 2010: New versions for 2011

December 15, 2010

It's already the end of the year! We take this opportunity to wish you happy holidays, and to share our plans for Abak in 2011. Don't miss our online training sessions - AbaKasts are very popular!

AnchorIn this issue:

AnchorAbak 7.2.1: get set for January

It’s official, Abak’s new version will be available in early 2011!

Here’s the list of new features:

AnchorCongratulations to our survey giveaway winners!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to fill out our survey this summer! Your input has a direct impact on Abak’s development and helps us serve you better!

The winners of our survey giveaway received an iPod Touch and a 5-hour training bank. Congratulations to Richard Smith from Oceta and Yolande Jeanson from ACDF *  Architecture/Urbanisme/Intérieur.

Don’t miss next year’s survey; you too could win in our giveaway!

AnchorJust in time for summer: Abak 7.3

We’re already working on Abak 7.3. This summer’s version release will include several new major features, most of them coming from your own suggestions!

AnchorAbak Web gets more than a makeover

Our new Web module has been entirely rebuilt and now offers new features, such as time sheet approvals directly via the Web browser. Additional new features will be added gradually, with the objective of porting the entire Abak application to the Web.

Abak Web will be available in the spring as an internal beta for our hosted clients.

AnchorHoliday business hours

Our offices will be closed between December 24 and 27th, and between December 31 and January 3rd, 2011.

We wish you happy holidays!

AnchorAbaKast online training sessions: A success!

Our new AbaKast training sessions are selling out! Groups fill out quickly, so don’t wait to reserve your spot.

Here are the next training sessions:

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AnchorA new report to know about project profitability

A new expense and income report is available to help you figure out which projects and which clients are turning a profit for your business. You can choose project status, client, resource and corporate entities as the filter.

The result is an easy-to-read list of projects and clients, with a gross profit percentage for each. The report is available in our Extranet.

AnchorThe Pros’ Corner: Invoices that are transferred, but without Accounted status

This situation may occur if you entered them manually in your accounting system or if a previous transfer terminated abnormally. In these cases, these invoices don’t have the Accounted status, as this action is set at the end of the transfer process.  This is why the transfer rejects those invoices when transferring to an accounting system in real time mode: because they already are in the system. And, since they were not transferred, those invoices will still show in the next process.

To stop this problem, you need to complete the transfer of these invoices only in Abak, without being blocked by your accounting software. All you have to do is temporarily change your destination software in step 4 of your transfer process. Then, simply select a file-based software transfer such as “Avantage or Simply Accounting”. 

This will create a transfer file without validating if the invoice has already been created in the accounting system.  This validation is usually performed upon file import.  This allows you to complete your transfer process in Abak, have your invoice(s) status set to Accounted and prevent their appearance in your next transfer.  When completed, delete the created file without importing it.

Make sure to select only invoices already in the accounting system, since all other invoices do need to be imported normally.

Note that if you are integrating Abak with an accounting system through transfer files you only need to create a special transfer file with those selected invoices and delete the file without importing it in the accounting system.

This solution can be used for transfer of Clients invoices, Vendors invoices or Expenses accounts payment (as vendors).

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AnchorA new website with room for you

Abak’s website has gotten a redesign, check it out! And while you’re there, leave a review or a testimonial of your success with Abak. For each review or testimonial published on the website, we’ll add 1 hour to your time bank.

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AnchorAbak on the road

We participated in Toronto and Montreal CGA annual events in November. Here are a few pictures of our presence in Montreal.

AnchorNew partner: Altilogix

It is our pleasure to welcome a new partner; Altilogix inc. Altilogix offers its expertise in strategy, integration, architecture, deployment and solutions in CRM.
Visit Altilogix’ website here.