Cyber Abak- January 2013

January 1, 2014

 Abak and Sirius wish you all a Happy New Year


 A few words from our CEO

2013 has been the year of numerous projects and positive changes for ABAK . I am referring to the launching of our new website, to our new product name and logo ABAK 360 and to our closer and closer relationship with Sirius. I should also mention new developments in Abak , such as the document management module, the new cube report, and those which will be available in 2014 : expense account on the mobile application, the new calendar interface as well as other innovations to be unveiled in 2014. The next year will be full of novelties as well.

Integrating ABAK 360 with Sirius Efficient360 software will enable our customers to better manage their projects in a methodical way (according to PMI principles) and to better manage risks and change requests affecting projects. In addition, together with Sirius Training we shall help our clients to improve their project management skills, the goal being to better utilize and apply the concepts of project management. Finally, with Sirius Consulting, we shall propose actions to our clients who encounter problems organizing their projects. Throughout 2014, we shall deploy all necessary efforts to promote the benefits of our outsourcing services department which started in 2013. To our greatest satisfaction this kind of services is highly appreciated by our customers, whether we take care of the whole Abak process for them or in case of sporadic interventions during holidays or long term leave. Throughout 2014 we shall continue to improve our products and services to meet your expectations. Feel free to send us your comments to our survey or simply send us your ideas by email. I wish you all a Happy Holiday with the desire to serve you for many more years.

Guy Boisvert

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 ABAK- SIRIUS GROUP: A new image

Since the official announcement of the transaction that brought the Abak Software to Sirius Group a beautiful synergy was developed between the respective teams of Sirius and Abak. Both teams worked hard on creating a new image of the group.
With the arrival of Abak among the group together with other software solutions, a new line of products Sirius had to see the light. Thus, Sirius Software was forged gradually throughout 2013. Abak Software then became a subsidiary of Sirius Software.

The product range

Much more than a simple enumeration of solutions, we have worked on defining a technically and commercially articulated range of products: the 360 suite.

This software suite, Abak360 excepted, includes the following solutions:


Efficient 360 is an integrated, fully Web, which optimizes the management of projects and improves the productivity of project teams by:


EPM Cloud 360 is a cost-effective Microsoft Project Server virtual environment, configured and ready to use. 

In addition to providing access to one of the best project management tools, EPM Cloud 360 includes:


SkillMap 360 is a completely web-based integrated enterprise solution that automates your personnel evaluation and skills development process.

Evaluate and optimize your resources’ skills using:


ISO 360 is a technology platform that enables the efficient centralization of good organizational practices.

ISO 360 includes everything a business needs to effectively manage its quality process, environmental system or its system of health and safety system. ISO 360 allows you to integrate and automate all functions in order to maintain your ISO certification. It provides a simplified and centralized management of your documents and promotes the development of your business practices.

On a technical point of view, the expected specifications stated that the different systems should interface with each other to form value-added solutions. Interface priorities were defined for Abak360 - Efficient360 and the Abak360 -EPM 360. Cohesion between the different products is depicted by 360, which symbolizes the circle, and which means that we can fulfil all the needs in terms of project management.

The image of the group


The logo represents a human figure running over a frame. Sirius out of the frame, innovates, and distinguishes itself by its dynamism, its initiatives, and its ambitions. The head of the figure symbolizes a dot. The slogan of the Sirius Group: ‘’ connecting the dots’’, refers to linking training with consulting and with the products to provide a complete range of services and solutions.

Throughout the fall of 2013, new sites have been launched:

Sirius Group 
Sirius Consulting
Sirius Training
Sirius Software


To celebrate the launching of these sites and the new image of the group we organized an online game aimed at reconstructing a sentence hidden in an anagram and solving puzzling questions related to the different Sirius web sites. The winner was announced during a VIP party hosted at the University Club in Montreal on November 20 and on November 21 at the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City.

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Technical support

Abak’s new 7.7 version

Abak’s new version is now available on our extranet.

For locally installed customers:

We invite you to send an email at to plan an update of your Abak environment to version 7.7.

For hosted customers:

Updates are currently in progress. In the coming weeks, you will receive an email informing you when your environment will be updated.

New module: Document Management

Please note that document management is only available in AbakWeb. If you would like information on AbakWeb, please contact the sales department at the following address For hosted customers who wish to use document management, you must contact the sales team at

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Sirius Training proposes a training session in project management for professionals (Engineers, Architects, Project Managers...)

“ Managing my project into an integrated  view  for a better performance!  -  4 days- (from 8.30 to 17.00)


Educational approach:


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Upcoming AbakAsts

Don’t miss out the upcoming AbakAsts in early 2014:

Data import demystified: January 30,   Importing data isn’t that complex or difficult.

Project management: February 27,   Learn how to manage your budgets, how to follow the availability of your resources, how to use project summary.

How to manage vendors and POs: March 27, Managing vendors and purchase orders with Abak. Simple and quite useful.

After each AbakAst, don’t forget to complete the quick survey. Your comments are important to us and enable us to improve the presentations or confirm that we have met your expectations.
You can also submit topics that you would like to see covered at

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Join us on Social Media Networks

Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook are all social media networks onto which we post news and miscellaneous information. From time to time, customers mention the fact that they were not informed about a new version release for example. If you are listed on our social media networks, this won’t happen anymore. Join our community on these media. Mention that you 'like' as the saying goes. We shall offer a free participation in one of our AbaKasts to each customer who has joined us on those social media sites (only one Abakast session per client will be offered).

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 First of all we wish to thank all our customers who took the time to answer to our survey. We take the opportunity to congratulate the winner of a year of free AbakAst sessions: Mr. Neil Evans from Nevcon in Ontario.

Based on the answers to this survey here are the functionalities which will be included in the next version, planned to be released in April 2014:

Customers who have a valid service contract for Abak Classic Pro and who did not migrate to the Web version (Entreprise-Web) will be covered by our support agreement until December 2016, provided that the payment of the service contract has been done until 2016.

However, considering the new functionalities brought to the WEB version (Entreprise Web), we recommend to migrate to the Web version.

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