Cyber Abak June 2011

June 10, 2011


Summer vacation season is starting – will you be able to take some time off this summer? At Abak, summer is going to be busy as ever:  With Abak 7.3 and Abak Web being released, the Summit trade show in July, and our annual survey, we’ve got our work cut out for ourselves!

I’d like to take the opportunity of the strike at Canada Post to ask you if you’re invoicing your clients by email yet. If you’d like to do it, contact!


AnchorAbak 7.3 is Available in July 15

The newest version of Abak will be available for download from our Extranet starting July 15th.

AnchorAbak Web: It’s a Go!

We are very proud of our new Abak Web module, which allows both Mac and Windows users to enjoy Abak without having to install software on their computers. All we need to use Abak Web is an Internet connection and a Web browser.

If you already have Abak Web, you can upgrade to the new module at no cost, starting July 15th, by contacting

By 2013, all the features in Abak will be ported to Abak Web. Here’s what will be available in this release:

Anchor2011 Survey

As we do every year, when spring comes we send out our annual survey. It’s crucial that you participate in this survey! Why? Because it’s your opportunity to tell us how Abak should evolve. Each year, Abak’s users vote for the features to add in future releases.

Take the survey!

Not convinced? Here’s proof!

Here are the most popular features from the 2010 survey.

Features implemented from 2010 survey results:

Copy invoice texts from another invoice


Planned for version 7.3

Improve invoice format modification


Integration with Outlook calendar


Planned for version 7.3

Resource utilization report


Display project invoices


Planned for version 7.3

Web-based time sheets


Show project profitability


Can you say your opinion doesn’t matter to Abak’s future?

Take the survey!

Amongst all participants in the survey, we’ll draw a winner of a one-year subscription to our popular AbaKast sessions!

AnchorNew Service: Implementation Update

Have you been using Abak for several years? Has your use of Abak evolved with your business? When is the last time you updated your Abak system? Are you experiencing a growth period, with mergers and acquisitions? Does Abak fit your needs well when it comes to times sheets, project management and invoicing?

If you’d like to optimize your Abak system, our new implementation update service is for you!

We’ve noticed that clients that tell us they’re not entirely happy with Abak often are using an outdated version of the software. Also, the people who were involved with the initial implementation have left the organization and over time, there is less and less knowledge on how to use and configure Abak in the organization. The result: a business that is unable to leverage all the new features in the system.

Our implementation update service includes 3 hours of needs analysis, at no charge to you. Then, we’ll send you an action plan to update your system implementation and tailor is to your current needs.

To know more on our implementation update service, contact me!

AnchorRefer Abak and Get Rewarded

Do you know of a business that would benefit from using Abak? Let us know and you could earn 10% commission on their license!

Contact Karine or Patrick for details.

AnchorSummit 2011: Meet Us at Sage’s Big Party in Washington D.C.

This year, Sage has merged its partner and consumer events into one big show in Washington D.C. Sage Summit 2011 will be held on June 12 to 14, 2011.

Abak will be exhibiting in booth 214, come meet us! We’ll be showing off Abak 7.3 and the new Abak Web module!

AnchorOpen position: Implementation Specialist

We're looking for a great teacher who can help our new clients become experts with Abak! Do you know anybody who would fit that description? Send them the job description.

AnchorCustom Reports News

AnchorNew Free Custom Reports

13_ Export phases- This report shows the information included in the phases of a given project and exports to excel. It can be modified or completed and then reimported into Abak.

17_ Resource productivity -This report shows the hours worked by each resource, the billable part of it, the contribution of the employee compare to the whole organization, the cost and selling amounts, and the contribution of the employee in regard of the selling amount.

19_ Summary by client - This report shows, for each client, the number of hours (billable and non-billable), their percentage compared to the total for all the clients, the billed transactions and the WIP.

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AnchorNew Folder Structure for Report on Our Extranet

We’ve reorganized the Extranet to make it easier to find reports. You can now find free custom reports in the folder: Public\Reports – Rapports.

There is now a sample for each report in PDF format, that you can download from the !Samples section. To install a report, go to section .rpt files and explanations and download the ZIP archive named after the file in the samples. The ZIP file contains the report file (.RPT file) and the documentation on using and configuring the report.

AnchorSuggest New Custom Reports

You know better than anyone else which reports would be useful in managing your projects and your business. Help the Abak community and send us your suggestions. If your idea is chosen, we’ll create the new report and make it available to all Abak users, for free!

Suggest a report!

AnchorThe Pro’s Corner: Changing Project Resource Rates in One Go

You set rates on projects for resources using the assignment calendar available in projects, and now it’s time to change rates on some or all projects.

Accessing each project and going to rate assignment for each resource quickly becomes fastidious.  Rate changes on projects from the resources management is for you.

Enter in resources management window, select the resource to change the rate and click on the contract assignment icon in the tool bar.  All projects on which the resource is already assigned are displayed and checked to apply the process. 

Make sure to select only projects on which you want to apply the new rate, click on the rate change icon and enter your update parameters.

First select the date from which the new rate must apply.  The ending date is optional. Select whether you want to apply a new fixed rate or apply a markup/markdown on the existing rate and specify the value.  Note that the markup/markdown option is computed on a 100 percent basis.  E.g. if you enter 110 then a 10 % increase on the existing rate will be applied.  If you enter 85, then a 15 % reduction will be calculated for all existing rates.

This process will close the previous rate set on the project.  If no date was set as ending date on the previous rate calendar, the day before the beginning date of the new rate will be set as the ending date of the previous rate. 

Each resource must be processed separately.

After having made the change for all resources, if you think that some timesheets may have been entered with the old rate for a date on which the new rate should apply, do not forget that the rate adjustment icon , available in Timesheets detailed entry window lets you apply the new rate by batch for all resources for a time scope.

AnchorPrice Update for Hosting Services

In order to ensure a better performance of our systems and stay up-to-date with regards to our capacity for hosting client systems, we will be moving to new servers this Fall. The new servers are faster, which will be reflected in Abak’s response times with our hosted clients.

The cost of hosting your Abak system will increase to $2 per month per user starting October 1st, 2011. The change will appear on your first invoice on or after this date. In the case where your contract is renewed after October 1st, the change will be effective on the new invoice, but there will be not adjustments to services previously billed.

AnchorAbaKast Training sessions: Going On Vacation This Summer

Our popular AbaKast sessions will end their first season with a classic: How to use Abak efficiently, which will be held on June 14th. Register here.

In July, we’ll hold a special AbaKast session to present Abak 7.3 and the new Abak Web module. This session is free! Join us on July 20th. Register here.

The next season of AbaKast sessions will start in September.

AnchorBillables: Why Keep a Client That’s not Profitable?

Let’s look at product management for inspiration. Let’s say we are making widgets. If our cost for making the widgets is higher than the price we can sell them for, would it make sense to keep making the widgets? I think not!

Then why are we doing this in the consulting world?

Read on!