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June 25, 2013

Hello everyone!

The summer days are on the horizon and holidays are approaching fast. No lack of work on our side and we are working hard to finalize this summer the new version of Abak that will focus primarily on our Abak Web application. In any case there are many other interesting things to explore in this CyberAbak so enjoy the reading.Anchor

Do you underuse your time management, billing software?Anchor

You have been working with your software since a few years but do you use it to its full potential? Does it still answer your expectations and fulfill your needs?

Most software are normally updated at least once a year and include new features and improvements. The world of software evolves quickly and continuously. Update after update news functionalities are activated and quite often the user has no time to get used with those improvements, and new features and hence cannot really get the benefit of those improvements.

Under which circumstances would you under-utilize your software?

Employees leaving the company
In each and every organization, the staff is called up, sooner or later, to be replaced. Part of their knowledge is then passed on to the successors. This transfer of knowledge is often imperfect, incomplete or erroneous. This fact applies also to the resource(s) who manage(s) the time, billing and project management software. Hence, quality and accuracy of the passed on knowledge might decrease throughout the years, affecting the proper use of software.  It is recommended to write a procedures handbook where the knowledge can be consigned.

Software not updated
Users often tend to forget to update their software. Most programs offer one or more updates per year. Each update includes improvements and new features. Therefore, the users quite often do not use the software to its full capacity, thus depriving them of valuable and useful features.

Additional training required
Quite often the users who maintain their software updated, will partially use the new features, and will not ask for additional training. The risk is then high that new features and software improvements will be misused or partially utilized.

Evolution of the company needs
Each and every business grows throughout time, and therefore company needs and requirements evolve too. Most of the time those needs, such as time management, billing, financial management of the project require a changing features tool. However, the user continues to use the software as he did years ago without using all the benefits that software can provide.

It is therefore recommended, in parallel with regular software upgrades and updates, to  validate the following:

Ø  Does the staff know well how to use software?

Ø  Are my software updated to the most recent version?

Ø  Do we need to refresh our knowledge of software by means of additional training?

Ø  Does our time, billing and project management software still answer your growing needs?

Ø  Do we have an updated and customized procedures handbook ?

Contact us for more details

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This survey consists of 50 propositions for improving existing features and developing new features in Abak. We pay particular attention to your answers. This information will form the basis on which the software will be improved. Software evolves, from version to version, depending on your expectations and recommendations. We hope that many people will answer. Please note that when a suggestion is approved by at least 75% of involved people it become part of developments planned for the next version.


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Temporary licenses (-15 % this summer)Anchor

Every year in summer, and depending on various professional sectors, our customer are numerous to hire staff on a temporary basis. Please note that it is possible to rent temporary licenses for a minimum period of three months. Good news! We offer a 15% discount on all the temporary licenses purchased in June, July and August 2013.

Contact us for more details.

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Recently, Abak software inc. decided to propose outsourcing services to customers who wish to get rid of administrative tasks.

Among the services offered are:
-          Billing
-          Management of work in progress
-          Transfer to the accounting system
-          Pulling out reports (budget control, work in progress, etc.)
This list is not exhaustive. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss.

Contact us for more details

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Support; (Back-ups, august version)Anchor

Abak – Daily data backup (does not apply to customers in hosted modes)

We remind that Abak is not responsible for safeguarding the client’s database. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that backup copy of the database is created every day.

We recently experienced a data loss for one of our major customer who didn’t had recent backup and the experience is particularly difficult.

For clients that use SQL Express, take note that AbakServer and SQL Express have to be stopped during the backup process of the database. It is therefore important to implement an automatic procedure that stops these services when copying data and then restart them.

We keep at your disposal documentation on our extranet in which a backup procedure is suggested.

Public\Documents-Documentation\English\Technical\Abak - Create automatic database backup.pdf.

Version 7.7.0

A lot of new features will be added in the next version, which will be operational for the second half of august. As explained earlier, we deploy all our efforts in the completion of Abak Web.

Here is some examples of new features:
-          New pivot report
-          Document management
-          Redesign of the phases review process
-          Security : creation of an encrypted password in the database
-          Logging expenses in Abak Mobile
-          Addition of enhanced notes in Project, invoice texts, Corporate entity
-          And much more…

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Training: The pro’s tipAnchor

Do you know that in the project module, it is possible to define the colors in which the projects will be displayed, each color having its own meaning?

For example, projects for which the actual number of hours exceeds the budget might show up in red, whereas the ones that are 80% to 99% completed would show up in orange. The project that ends in less than 10 days could appear in yellow. Up to 8 predefined conditions can be set and use hundreds of colors.

Go to the project detail screen and click on the "color pencils" icon. Pick the rules that you want to use and chose the colors.

Documentation: New documentation is now available for the following reports :

R0024 – Employees assignation on projects_budget.doc
R0029 – Employees assignation.doc

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Abakasts to come Anchor

Do not miss the upcoming Abakast :

Special 7.7 (free) Presentation of new features in version  7.7

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48 hours cycling-  Make a wish QuebecAnchor

For the seventh year in a row, motivated and hope-bringer cyclers, will cycle night and day in order to collect funds to make children’s dreams come true.

When: Friday September 13th from noon to Sunday September 15th 01:00 PM
Where: Gilles-Villeneuve racing circuit, Jean-Drapeau Park in Montreal

Abak will take part to this event, feel free to support us. It is for a good cause.

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We always pay attention to what our customers have to say and we wish to receive your feedback on Abak, case studies and testimonials. Do not hesitate to send us your comments. We will make a selection and we’ll publish them on our website. The authors of the selected stories will receive a free time bank.

To know more

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Please take note that our office will be closed on the following dates:

·         June 24, 2013
·         July 1st, 2013

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