Cyber Abak March 2011

March 28, 2011

Hello everyone!

Spring is here and we are super excited to announce the beta testing phase for our new Web module! Our developers work really hard to make it usable and compatible with most browsers and operating systems.

I hope you enjoy this newsletter,

Karine, for Abak’s team

AnchorIn this issue:

AnchorWhat’s up with Abak?

Our latest version ( now includes remote support and documentation, right from the Help menu! On the documentation side, there is no need to log into our Extranet to get it. With support, you can now give us access to your system remotely, which allows us to help you more directly and quickly.

Abak's help menu

Spring is also the season for software releases! Abak has been tested for compatibility with the following software releases:

AnchorUpdate your Abak system

Starting April 1st, Abak versions previous to 7.0 will no longer be supported. If you haven’t updated Abak in a while, contact support and they will help you get up to speed with our latest version!

It’s time to get with the times, and it’s included! Updating your Abak system is included in your support agreement, so there is no charge for you.

** If your Abak system version is previous to 7.0, you must perform the update with our support team’s assistance. **

AnchorThe new Abak Web is here

It was quite the challenge and we met it head on! The new Abak Web is now in the beta testing stage, and will be available to our clients this summer. If you’d like to see the new Abak Web, contact me!

Would you like to be a beta site? We are looking for clients who are interested in trying out Abak Web in their environment. Contact me for more information!

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AnchorNew reports and documentation

We've been working on adding more free reports. They are available from our Extranet.

AnchorMarie-Josée is back on the support team

Marie-Josée is back from maternity leave. Éric has returned to the R&D team and Marie will be happy to help you out in technical support.

Welcome back, Marie!

AnchorOpen Position Implementation and Training Specialist

We're looking for a great teacher who can help our new clients become experts with Abak! Do you know anybody who would fit that description? Send them the job description.

AnchorNew blood in the development team: Patrick Cloutier

We like to call him Yoda: Patrick Cloutier is an expert in Web development. Patrick has joined our team this winter, and his impact on our new Abak Web is undeniable.

Welcome to the team, Patrick!

AnchorYou like Abak? Facebook us!

Abak now has its own Facebook page! Like us and keep up with the news, right in your newsfeed.

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AnchorYou're invited! Sage Accpac 6.0 Launch in Quebec City and Montreal

You are invited to attend the Sage ERP Accpac 6.0 Launch at the Montreal Science Center on April 5th 2011 and at the Aquarium du Québec on April 7th 2011. Abak will be there to show off our new web module!

The Launch of Sage ERP Accpac 6.0 in Québec is a unique event worldwide! Version 6.0 is not a standard update but, rather, a revolution!

It’s a new generation of ERP software that is one of a kind in terms of ergonomics, functionalities and analysis tools. It is therefore with great pleasure that the SageQuebec team put together two Sage convention days to allow customers to come explore the world of Sage ERP Accpac and all its possibilities.

We look forward to meeting you!

AnchorEaster Holiday

Our offices will be closed on Monday, April 25th, for the Easter Holiday. There will be no interruption of service for our clients hosted on our servers: your Abak system will continue to operate normally.

Happy Easter!

AnchorSupporting the Engineering Community

Over the last year, we’ve been looking at the industries where Abak is a great fit. Abak offers consulting engineers the best of both worlds: they can build their projects in MS Project, and transfer them over to Abak when the work starts.

We decided to get involved with the engineering community in USA and Canada, and became affiliate members of the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies | Canada (ACEC), the Consulting Engineers of Ontario (CEO), and of the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC).


AnchorBillables: 5 reasons why spreadsheets turn timesheets into a nightmare

Spreadsheets are great: they allow us to log a lot of information in an efficient format. They allow us to make computations, charts, and lots of fancy stuff (if you know the formulas). And because everyone has a spreadsheet program (Excel for most of us), it's easy to send the information to someone else.

Spreadsheets are a nightmare waiting to happen.

Why? Because we expect spreadsheets to behave like centralized databases, self-updating and self-managed. This is not the case.

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AnchorThe Pro’s Corner: easily locate clients when filling out your time sheet or expense account

Users who are entering timesheets with a large number of clients may find browsing all clients to be irritating. Then shortening this list should help them.

The first way to achieve this goal is by using the F2 – F4 key combination. Place your cursor in the client’s selection field and press “F2” key on your keyboard.  The field turns to blue, letting you enter a character string that is part of the name of the client. Then click on “F4” key (you can also click on the three dots button on the right of the client field) and a new window will open with the list of clients with that fit your search terms. The string can be placed anywhere in the clients name. For example, if you enter the string “ABAK”, you would get in your results “Abak Software” and “Les logiciels Abak”

The second way is to use a permanent default filter in client search. This filter will be used every time you click on the three dots button on the right of the client selection field. To set a permanent filter, click on the three dots button.  In the top tools bar click on the filter to server button and set your filter using the multiple options of fields.  For example, you can create a filter using this condition “Status” “=” “Active”.  Make sure to check the “Apply this condition at each opening of the window” checkbox, then, save your filter.  This way, the next time that you click on the three dots button, the filter will apply automatically.

Note that if you use the permanent default filter technique, the F2 – F4 combination will not work.

If you want to get more of this kind of clues, do not hesitate to sign up for our webcast: AbaKast 101, Understanding how to use Abak efficiently.

AnchorExtranet: New password

All passwords for our Extranet accounts have been changed. You should have received an email on the subject already, however if you haven’t, contact Diane and she will help you out.