Cyber Abak March 2012: Abak Mobile for free? Don't mind if we do!

March 26, 2012

Spring is upon us, a time of renewal in Canada, where we can finally hope for the snow to melt away! It’s also a great time for Abak, since we are offering our mobile app, Abak Mobile, for free in 2012!

AnchorHere’s what we have in this newsletter:

AnchorAbak celebrates 15 years of helping businesses grow!

Our first Abak implementation was in 1997. That’s 15 years ago! In the world of software, that’s three generations. We started with a Windows 3.1 version, then completely recoded Abak to support Internet-based access, and now we’re making the move to a 100% web app.

We will be celebrating Abak’s 15th anniversary throughout the spring, until the end of May. What does that mean for you?

AnchorAbak Mobile for free? Don’t mind if we do!

We are happy to announce that Abak Mobile is now available. Fill out your time sheets using your Apple or Android smartphone, anywhere, anytime. Even in the field. Even at the client site.

Would you like to try it? We’re offering Abak Mobile for free until January 2013. This means you get to use Abak Mobile for months without having to pay for it! In January 2013, if you decide to keep Abak Mobile, you’ll need to purchase the license upgrade.

Interested? Contact sales.

*Note that Abak Mobile requires Abak Web. Isn’t that a great reason to get Abak Web?

AnchorAbak 7.4 now available for download

If you haven’t done so already, get Abak 7.4 from our Extranet!

What’s new?

Download the release notes for details.

AnchorComing up in 7.5

We are planning to release Abak 7.5 this summer! While you wait, here is our planned release feature list:

Stay tuned for a free August webcast showing those new features!

AnchorWrite a testimonial and get 2 hours of free training

We’re looking to refresh our testimonials. Do you like Abak? How does it help your business work well? What should other companies in your field know about Abak?

Write a testimonial for Abak’s website and we’ll give you 2 hours of private training at no charge.

Contact me for details.

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Take a minute to give us a like on our Facebook page and you could save 500$ on your next license renewal. Our Facebook page keeps you informed on new trainings, product news, interesting articles we find online and anything else we think you’ll find interesting.

Give us a like now!

On August first, we’ll draw a lucky winner amongst our Facebook page friends. Don’t miss this opportunity!

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AnchorNew documents

Get the new documents from our Extranet.

AnchorNew report

Monthly Billing Report:This report allows you to display invoiced amounts by month, rounded to the dollar. The report shows monthly billing amounts for 12 months, starting from the month and year chosen. Several filters are available so you can sort the billing data in the report. Get the report from the Extranet.

AnchorDon’t miss out on these upcoming AbaKast sessions!

AnchorThe Pro’s Corner: send multiple invoices in one click

Do you sometimes need to email several invoices to a client? Or need to resend a few invoices by email?

Then this tip is for you!

To send several invoices in one click:

  1. 1.       Open Abak Classic
  2. 2.       Go to Management > Invoices
  3. 3.       Select the invoices you need to resend. Use CTRL-Click to highlight multiple invoices.
  4. 4.       Click on the Send invoices by email button.

You’re done!

Questions? Contact our training team.

AnchorEaster: open or closed?

Easter weekend, our offices will be closed on Monday, April 9th, 2012.

While our offices may be closed, our hosting services will remain operational during this time.

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