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March 18, 2013

Hectic times for the Abak team. Winter has brought us numerous new customers, our trainers time schedule is quite loaded, and our development team is working hard to launch the new ersion 7.7 in late June 2013 version that will primarily focus on Abak Web. Enjoy reading !Anchor

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News in briefAnchor

Abak – Sirius Conseils

Abak and Sirius Conseils partnered in late 2012.
This collaboration is particularly active. Our goal, among others, is to offer our mutual customers an expanded range of products and services.
To this end we both have published a page on our respective sites dedicated to online products and services.

Those pages are only in French for the time being:

Sirius Conseils page on Abak Web site

Abak page on Sirius Conseils Web page

Abak- Adma

In January 2013 Abak joined, as a partner, the Order of Chartered Administrators of Quebec. The Order of Chartered Administrators of Quebec (College of ADMA) is a group of managers from all backgrounds. These include the presidents of company CEOs, managers and consultants in the field of finance, management, financial planning, human resources, education in administration, real estate, franchising, health, information technology, public administration, and more.

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Sirius Conseils productsAnchor

Here is an introduction to Sirius products.

Efficient 360° 

Efficient 360 is an integrated solution that optimizes project management and improves productivity by 10% to 20% through management indicators. Based on methodology and standards of the Project Management Institute (PMI) Efficient 360 keeps track of the project management cycle efficiently and affordably by automating various administrative activities.

EPM Cloud 360° 

360 °EPM Cloud is a cloud adapted version of Microsoft Project Server that provides an environment for managing business projects (EPM) in a complete virtual mode. Preconfigured thanks to a rich experience gathered in the field since 2003, this solution provides all the benefits of a project-, portfolio- and resources- management software solution without having to invest in an expensive IT infrastructure .

SkillMap 360° 

SkillMap 360° is an integrated solution that applies to project management, portfolio management, program management, or even to business analysis. It provides managers with a comprehensive tool for resources skills analysis and overall management of professional skills development (evaluation of staff performance compared to industry standards). Skillmap 360° offers unparalleled supportas part of a strategy recruitment, development and retention of top talent.

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It is time to move to Abak WebAnchor

Abak software is constantly evolving. From version to version, we improve and add new features based on your requests and recommendations. To meet our customers' expectations and to follow the market trend we have developed Abak Web.
This application complements the Abak Classic which you are accustomed.
In 2014 our software will be a 100% web based solution. Our intention is to gradually replace Abak Classic with Abak Web.

AbakWeb offers both the flexibility of a web application and a trendy look compared to Abak Classic.
Our new customers receive both Abak Web and Abak Classic. The invoicing module is not yet integrated in Abak Web, hence they use Abak Classic for billing while most other features are accessible from Abak Web. Both systems share the same database. The invoicing module will be added to Abak Web early in 2014. Contact us for more details and to access a demo! We currently propose discounted prices.

Contact us for more details.

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Abak Pro versus Abak EntrepriseAnchor

Some of our clients are still  using  Abak Pro, an older version of Abak. This Abak, although still fully functional will not further evolve, and this Abak Pro license does not allow adding the Abak Web module.
To continue to evolve with Abak and to enjoy its new functionalities and improvements we invite our Pro customers to migrate to Abak Enterprise-Web, which offers a growing range of features.

Abak Entreprise- Web offers much more than Abak Pro:

• Abak Web module
• Automatic project numbering
• Multicurrency
• Multiple invoice formats
• Automatic billing
• Security by corporate entity (employee access to customers, projects, reports, billing)
• Management of sub-contractors (freelancers) with their timesheets and expense     accounts
• Manage invoices of subcontractors
• Gannt chart like assignation module in Abak Web
• Entering timesheets in days
• Billing schedule
• Management of profit / losses on billing, and much more..

To allow a gradual transition to our 100% web based software in 2014, we invite our Abak Pro customers to migrate to Abak Enterprise in combination with the current Abak Web. This migration would result in a more efficient and feature rich solution than Abak Pro. We offer special prices currently. Contact us for a demo.

Contact us for more details.

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Abak - Daily data backup (does not apply to customers in hosting mode)

We remind you that Abak is not responsible for the safeguarding of client databases. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that automatic backups are performed every day.

For customers who use SQL Express, take note that the AbakServer and SQL Express services must be stopped during the backup of the database. It is therefore important to implement an automatic procedure that will stop those services when copying data. Then, services can be restarted.

We have put at your disposal a document on our extranet in which a backup procedure is proposed.

Public\Documents-Documentation\English\Technical\Abak-Create automatic database backup.pdf.

Abak 7.6 release

The version 7.6 of Abak is available on our extranet.

The update files are available from the following link:

Location: Abak SQL update files - mise à jour\ABAK

Customers in local mode

We invite you to make an appointment with our Abak technical support to plan the installation of the update on your server by sending an email to

Hosted customers

You will be notified by mail of the date of installation of the update. The hosting updates are currently underway.

Abak re-install on a new server(does not apply to customers in hosting mode)

Note that the assistance to re-install Abak on a new server is not included in the annual rental. We invite you to communicate with our sales department if you plan to reinstall Abak with the assistance of our technical support.

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Training Pro’s tipAnchor

Purchase order management

A new feature is now available with 7.6: the possibility to use the vendor invoice as a purchase order.

In 7.5 and older, you had to complete a vendor invoice in order to approve it, and you had to approve it in order to be able to include its transactions on a draft invoice.

It is now possible to enter your order as soon as you call your supplier, and to include those transactions on a draft invoice to invoice the clients BEFORE you receive the actual invoice from your supplier. Follow these steps:

1- Go under Invoicing/Vendor invoice and create a new vendor invoice. Put PO-xyz has invoice number until you receive the actual invoice from your supplier.
2- Enter the transactions detail (quantities and prices) and assign them to the appropriate projects. As soon as a transaction is entered, you can include it in a draft invoice and invoice your client. You could print the vendor invoice to keep track of
    what was initially agreed.
3- When you receive the actual vendor invoice, replace PO-xyz by the actual number (same thing for the date). If there are any discrepancies, you can enter additional transactions (or modify the existing ones if they have not been billed to the
4- You can now approve this vendor invoice and transfer it to accounts payable through "Tools/Transfer to AR/AP".

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Hourly rate increaseAnchor

Starting from March 1st 2013 our hourly rate has moved from $ 120,-  to $ 135,-.

Our rate had not been updated since more than three years.

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Upcoming AbakastsAnchor

Do not miss the following upcoming Abakasts sessions:








August 22


Abak 7.7


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We shall be closed during the following days:

April 1st, 2013

May 21st, 2013

June 24th, 2013

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