Cyber Abak october 2012

October 17, 2012

Welcome back!

Summer holidays now belong to the past and winter is about to knock at our door. Work activities have regained their cruising speed and Abak is here to optimize your time and workflow. Here is our Cyber Abak fall edition.

AnchorEnjoy reading!

·         Abak 7.5 is now available for download

·         New features planned for Abak 7.6 – early 2013

·         It’s time to move to Abak Web

·         New documents

·         New reports

·         AbaKast training sessions this fall

·         The Pro’s Corner: Figure out how much you could bill for each project

·         Abak and Accpac 300 ERP

·         Abak mobile and  iOS 6

AnchorAbak 7.5 is now available for download

Abak 7.5 was released last June. Don’t miss this important upgrade!

·         Send many invoices in the same email message
·         Approve time bank periods
·         New modules in Abak Web: reports, supplier invoicing, custom fields, datebook.

For more info, read the release notes here!

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AnchorNew features planned for Abak 7.6 – early 2013

Our next version release is planned for the winter. Here is what we’re planning to add!

Abak Web:

·         Employees
·         Resource assignment
·         System configuration
·         Security
·         Emailing invoices
·         Corporate entities

Abak Classic:

·         Editing recurring invoices
·         Real-time Outlook synchronization

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AnchorIt’s time to move to Abak Web

Abak Web is the future of Abak. Currently, about 75% of all features in Abak are available in Abak Web and Abak Classic. By 2014, Abak will be 100% web-based. Don’t get left behind and keep enjoying the new features by adding Abak Web to your business management system.

Contact us for more details and to get a demo!

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AnchorNew documents

Get them from our Extranet.

·         T0023: how do I…create an invoice
·         T0003-10: how do I … timesheet and expense import fields: definitions and validation
·         T0013: how do I…generate transaction lists
·         T0008: how do I…process subcontractors invoices
·         T0004: how do I …integrate Abak to Accpac payroll

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AnchorNew reports

Several new reports are available in our Extranet!

·         R0010- Monthly Billings- This report allows you to display invoiced amounts by month, rounded to the dollar. The report shows monthly billing amounts for 12 months, starting from the month and year chosen.

·         R0014- Fixed price project summary- This report presents a summary of the fixed price projects, including the fixed amount, the fees, write up/offs, billable expenses, total billable, amount billed and balance to invoice.

·         R0016- Billable WIP- This report compares the remaining budget of a project to work in progress. The report uses the ongoing work of the project (WIP) and the project budget to calculate what portion of WIP may be charged.

·         R0019- Summary by client- This report shows, for each client, the number of hours (billable and non-billable), their percentage compared to the total for all the clients, the billed transactions and the WIP.

·         R0028- Resource productivity- This document shows which employee is the most profitable for a period of time, when you compared the billable hours versus the non-billable hours with the percentage of the productivity on the total of your employees.

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AnchorAbaKast training sessions this fall

This fall, we are offering two new AbaKast training sessions: workflows and time accruals. Reserve your spot right now!

·         October 25th, 2012: Basic invoicing

·         November 29th, 2012: Time accruals and time banks

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AnchorThe Pro’s Corner: Figure out how much you could bill for each project

Some Abak users in charge of billing reflexively know what to charge and proceed directly to the project selection and transactions that will be part of the next draft invoice.

However, it’s easy to find out where there is work in progress (WIP) to bill before choosing the client of the project. Simply click the Refresh WIP button. This button has a red dollar sign on it.

Why is it appropriate to use the refresh button work in progress? The refresh key is useful for various reasons:

Work in progress is an important component of overall project management in Abak. Indeed, there is a direct link between the project budget and the amounts invoiced. The refresh function can update the amounts billable and relate them to the original budget.

In addition, the amount of work in progress being displayed helps validate whether the transactions entered by users in their timesheets are actually billable. In the case of a project with 0$ of WIP, one may assume that the timesheets and expenses are non-billable transactions or that these transactions were not entered correctly.

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AnchorAbak and Accpac 300 ERP

The version 7.5 of Abak is compatible with the latest version of Accpac 300 ERP. To update your Abak contact our technical support at

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AnchorAbak mobile and  iOS 6

We brought a fix to our mobile version in order to keep it compatible with the latest version of Apple iOs6. The fix is available in our Abak Web version.

To update your Abak to this version, please contact our technical support at