Cyber Abak September 2010

September 14, 2010

It’s the end of summer, a perfect time to get up to speed with your Abak time and billing system, and even expand your knowledge! This issue of Cyber Abak is chock full of learning opportunities, from new documentation to new training products.


AnchorAbak 7.2.1 is almost here!

Abak 7.2.1 is planned for release in November. Here’s the feature list:


2010 Survey : It’s your last chance

We are closing our annual customer survey on September 30th. Take 10 minutes and let us know what you think! The survey covers new features you think should be implemented, your evaluation of out Abak, and your suggestions for improving not only the product, but also our team here in Quebec.

Don’t delay, fill out the survey now.

Among the survey responses, we’ll pick the winner of an iPod Touch, and his or her employer will win a 5-hour training bank!

AnchorNew from training : AbaKasts

We are proud to launch AbaKasts, special training webcasts for small groups. AbaKasts are held once a month and are a wonderful opportunity to gain more knowledge on a specific part of Abak. AbaKasts last two hours, are limited to 10 participants and only cost 99$ per person.

The first AbaKast is offered at a special introductory price of 69$, a 30$ discount from the regular price, 99$ per participant.

Here is the AbaKast schedule for this fall:

AbaKast 101:
Understanding how to use Abak efficiently

Tuesday October 19th
1h30 - 3h30pm, Eastern Time

Only 69$

Register Now!

Learn all the time-saving tips and tricks in Abak:
  • Configuring Abak and understanding how all modules work together
  • Ergonomics: using the interface, column properties, filters, server requests, active windows,  etc.
  • Shortcuts
  • Time sheet tips and tricks

* We recommend being up-to-date with Abak 7.2 to get the maximum out of this AbaKast.

AbaKast 102: Efficient reporting

Tuesday, November 16
1h30 - 3h30pm, Eastern Time

Only 99$

Register Now!

 Become a master of reporting:

  • Standard reports
  • Custom reports
  • Parameters
  • Dashboard reporting

AbaKast 103: Invoicing for beginners

Wednesday, December 8
1h30 - 3h30pm, Eastern Time

Only 99$

Register Now!

Get acquainted with the basics of invoicing: from the time sheet to a finished invoice in just a few minutes.

  • Time and materials billing
  • Fixed fee billing
  • Manual transactions

AbaKast 203: Advanced invoicing

Date to be announced
1h30 - 3h30pm, Eastern Time

Only 99$

Reserve your space
(you can always cancel if the date doesn't work for you)

This AbaKast is aimed at people familiar with basic invoicing functions, and takes it up a notch:

  • Cyclic invoicing
  • Invoice templates
  • Write-ups and write-offs

 *There must be 3 registered participants minimum to hold the event.

AnchorRefer Abak and get paid

Do you know of a business that would benefit from using Abak? Let us know and you could earn 10% commission on their license!

Contact Karine or Patrick for details.

AnchorNew Reports

Two new reports are available on our Extranet:

AnchorThe Pro’s Corner: import/export data for easy updates

Great! All these updates can be done in a simple three-steps process.

Lets take the first case as an example.

Step 1: Export your list of employees to an Excel file

In Abak, use the new Export to Excel feature to create a data file that you will use to reimport once updated with new values.  Make sure that the Employee No. is among available columns.

In your Employees management window, click on the Excel button to generate an Excel file from your Employees management grid. This can now be done for most management windows in Abak. 

Previously, you may have filtered your employees to keep only employees that are concerned by the rate update using the Query Server button.

Step 2: Modify your Excel file to create your updates file

Remove all unnecessary columns and rows.  Actually the only column that you need is the Employee No.  You should remove all rows referring to employees that are not changing of rate from the Excel file.

Enter the new rate for each employee in a new column of your Excel file. Save your file.

Step 3: Import your file in Employees management window

Click on the importing button in the tools bar. When launching your import, specify a “modification” importing type.  You only have to map your Employee No. and your rate (cost or billable) to your Excel file and process the import. Now all your employees are updated at once.

Please refer to the “T0003 – How do I… Import data in parameter file” document on our Extranet for detailed information on importing process.  Imports are available for most management windows.  This document will help you for all types of parameters import.

Please note that the first step is possible only with Abak version 7.2 or higher.  With older versions, you will need to create your import file manually. 

AnchorNew Documentation: How do I?

How To documents are becoming How do I documents! How do I documents are more complete, step-by-step instructions to accomplish specific things with Abak.

Three How do I documents are already available on our Extranet:

AnchorWelcome to Orbus and VTM2, our latest Abak Partners

We are are happy to welcome two new partners into the Abak family:

Abak offers 3 levels of partnership. If you know other businesses that would benefit from using Abak, we will be happy to offer a finder’s fee should they decide to go forward with Abak. Contact Karine or Patrick for more information.

AnchorKeep up the social!

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