Cyber Abak September 2011: Tell us about you!

September 13, 2011

It’s finally here! Our new Abak Web module is officially released! What do you think? How should Abak Web evolve? Let us know in our 2011 survey!

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AnchorThanksgiving: open or closed?

Abak’s offices will be closed for Canadian Thanksgiving, on Monday October 10. However, our hosted services will remain operational and clients should not see any service interruption.

Abak’s offices will remain open for American Thanksgiving, November 24th.

AnchorLast chance for the 2011 survey

Should Abak allow adding an expense in the same window as the time sheet? Should our mobile version include only time sheets or expenses as well? Make your mark and tell us what you think!

Fill out the 2011 survey and have an impact on the future of Abak!

A lucky client will get one year’s worth of AbaKast participations.

Don’t wait, fill out the survey now!

Anchor7.3 now available for download

Abak 7.3 is now available for download from our Extranet.

New features include:

Download the release notes here.

AnchorAbak Web Introductory Offer: 50% off until October 15th!

Abak Web is now available! It’s the future of Abak – by 2014, all of Abak’s features will be web-based.

If you already have the old Abak Web module (purple and orange), the upgrade is free! Contact support to schedule an appointment.

For clients who don’t have the Web module, the Abak Web upgrade is 50% off until October 15th – don’t miss out on this great opportunity! Contact the sales team for details.

AnchorComing up in Abak: an Excel plug-in for reports

In the 2010 survey, you told us that our reports needed to be improved. We heard you! Coming up this December: the new Bi-Metrix excel plug-in for Abak.

The Abak Bi-Metrix plug-in allows you to slice and dice your Abak data any way you want. Customize your  reports and save them for later. Abak Bi-Metrix subscriptions can be purchased for just a few users, no need to get the module for the entire company.

Contact us if you’d like to see a demo of the Abak Bi-Metrix module.

AnchorComing up in Abak for version 7.4

Abak 7.3 is released, now let’s talk about 7.4! Here are some major features we’ve got coming for early 2012:

AnchorFall AbaKasts – reserve your spot now

Keep up with the new Abak features, and hone your skills! Here are the training sessions available this fall:

You would like to attend an AbaKast, but aren’t available at that time and date? Email us and we’ll arrange a private session, using your training time banks.

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AnchorThe Pros’ Corner: Remove non-billable transactions from Work in Progress (WIP)

Some of your projects may include billable and non-billable transactions.  When creating your draft invoices, you usually include only billable transactions. As a result, the project’s non-billable transactions stay in the transactions tab’s WIP section.

When preparing an invoice, all non-billable transactions will remain in the WIP section of your draft invoice, as well as in the non-billable column in your WIP reports.

Abak has a tool to clean out those non-billable transactions from the WIP. Go to Tools > Remove transactions from WIP. You can run this process for specific dates, for all you clients or projects, or only a specific client or project. You can even use server queries to select projects or clients, for example to select only closed projects or inactive clients.

At the bottom of the window, you can choose which date to set as the closing date for the transaction. This is like the invoice date for billable transactions: it records when the transaction was removed from the WIP. You can use a specific date or the transaction date. We recommend that you use the transaction date if your main concern is cleaning out your WIP reports. If you set a specific date, if you run the WIP report for a previous date, it will include those transactions, since they weren’t closed by that date. For example: if you set the close date to September 10, and you run the WIP report for September 8, then the closed transactions will appear on the WIP. However, you’ll know when you’ve cleaned up the WIP.

When you click OK in the window, Abak will tell you how many transactions will be removed from the WIP. Once confirmed, the transactions will be removed from the WIP and you will no longer see them in invoice drafts or WIP reports. However, they will still be in the project’s transaction list, via Project > Transactions

Note that only non-billable transactions are processed with this feature. If you have billable transactions that you don’t want to bill anymore, either manually change their billable status to “Non-billable” for each transaction and use this process, or generate a dummy invoice (0$) that you will not transfer to your accounting system.