Cyber Abak - September 2015

September 25, 2015


Dear clients,
Please note that since September 1st 2015, Mr. Guy Boisvert, having decided to reorient his professional career, no longer manages ABAK’s team. During this transitional period, I will be assuming the general management of operations.
Our processes as well as the quality of our service will stay the same.

We thank you for your loyalty and we assure you of our dedication.
Yours sincerely,
Michel Hamel, Adm.A.

Regional vice-president, Strategic consulting project management
Director General Operations – Abak Software

Sirius Software

Migration to 7.10

Training – The pro’s trick!

Version 7. 11 – What’s new?

Thanksgiving weekend

Sirius Software

The 360 way to manage projects.
Don’t leave any stone unturned!


The Sirius Group, to  which we belong, proposes a software suite that is very well-matched to businesses involving project management. This range of solutions properly covers the requirements related to project management and proposed state of the artsoftware solutions.  Moreover, within this range of solutions we have develop integrations between solutions such as Abak360 and Efficient 360, offering thus powerful and versatile tools.

 But what are these solutions?

Here is an overview:






Please contact us for more details. We are available to answer your questions!

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Migration to 7.10

New version Abak 7.10

Customers in local mode

Version 7.10 of Abak is now available. We invite you to send an email to to plan the upgrade of your Abak environment to version 7.10.

*** Important note regarding the requirements for version 7.10 ***

Before planning the installation of the new version, we invite you to read our prerequisites document to ensure that your environment complies with version 7.10. This document is available on our extranet:

Public\Documents-Documentation\English\Technical\ Abak - Requirements - Local installation.pdf

Hosted customers
The installation of version 7.10 on our hosting servers is underway. You will be notified by email a few days prior to the installation date.

Accounting transfer from Abak Web:

It is now possible to synchronize customers/suppliers and transfer of receivables/ payables/expenses from AbakWeb. In order to do this, you must install the Abak Link module on all workstations where Abak runs with an accounting system. You will findthe installation instructions from the AbakWeb Help menu - Training / Documentation - How-web - Abak Link -Installation and configuration.


Daily database backup

We remind you that it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that automatic backups are performed every day.

For customers who use SQL Express, we have put at your disposal a document on our extranet in which a backup procedure is proposed.

Public\Documents-Documentation\English\Technical\Abak-Create automatic database backup.pdf.

Re-install the software on a new server

Note that the assistance to re-install Abak on a new server is not included in the annual rental fee. We invite you to communicate with our sales department if you plan to reinstall Abak with the assistance of our technical support. 

In addition, it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the new server meets the prerequisites required by Abak. Some components such as IIS and Microsoft SQL Server need to be installed by the customer before the installation of Abak on the newserver.

Tips to remember

Batch invoicing locked

To unlock the batch invoicing process, go to “Corporate entity”, open the entity, “Invoicing” tab and click on the button to unlock it, section “Billing in process by”.

Abak Client automatic update failed

Before opening your Abak Client, right click on your Abak icon and from the menu select “Run as administrator”.

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Training – The pro’s trick!

Here are 2 tricks that will certainly help you using Abak:

1.      Tasks and expenses can now be hidden in various modules

It is now possible to assign a status to the activities and expenses created in the reference tables. This status can only be assigned in AbakWeb but is applied to all platforms (traditional, web, mobile). The available statuses are:

1) Available

2) Not used

3) Budget

The status “Available” displays the activity or expense everywhere, as in previous versions.

The state “Not used” will prevent the activity or expense to show in any type of dropdown list in the application.

The state “Budget” makes it possible to display the activity or expense in the selection lists being found in the budget of a project (but not in timesheets and expenses).

2.      Deletion (selection) of multiple timesheets/expenses at once

It is now possible to select multiple transactions, timesheets or expenses (using the CTRL or SHIFT) and delete them simultaneously.

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Version 7. 11 – What’s new?

Here is the list of improvements and new functionalities which will be brought to the 7.11 version.

1.       Batch treatment: possibility to archive files

2.       Batch treatment: possibility to  duplicate a resource’s assignments on projects to other resources for the same projects

3.       Batch treatment: possibility to duplicate the rate calendar of a resource on a project to another resource or project

4.       Possibility of configuring the links with Acomba from the corporate entity

5.       Possibility of configuring the links with Quickbooks from the system configuration

6.       Possibility to import clients

7.       Possibility to import projects and budgets

8.       Possibility to import suppliers

9.       Possibility to import resources

10.   Possibility to import activities

11.   Possibility to import disbursement types

12.   Possibility to import contacts

13.   Possibility to import supplier invoices

14.   Possibility to import the time you have to do

15.   Possibility to import pay periods

16.   Possibility to import fast entries

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Thanksgiving weekend

In order to respect the Thanksgiving holiday, our offices will be closed on Monday, October 12th 2015.

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