CyberAbak June 2016

June 29, 2016


Greetings to you,

While spring comes and goes, summer is definitely on its way. Other than planned holidays, we will use this period of time to work on the 7.12, our most recent version. Likewise, we will pursue the alliance between Abak 360 and the rest of the Sirius Software range of solutions, notably with Efficient 360.

In this edition of the CyberAbak, you will find an article shining a light on the Efficient 360/Abak 360 combo and its benefits of using both solutions in a logical project management fashion.
Some of our clients have had a positive reaction towards our offer concerning outsourcing services such as project and invoicing management (Business Process Outsourcing). Do not hesitate to contact us if you want more information regarding this type of services.
We also take this opportunity to offer lowered rates on time banks, on development and on invoice format and report customization.
Some of the clients that have Abak installed on their server tell us that it occasionally runs a little slower than usual. We can easily fix this by hosting your Abak on our server; this solution guarantees swift answers from our team, confidentiality and data security. We are always available in case you would want a service quote.

We wish you a beautiful summer.


Michel Hamel, Adm.A.
Regional vice-president, Strategic consulting project management







Despite your best efforts combined to your managers’ experience, it often happens that projects spin out of control, sometimes with disastrous consequences for your company (financial loss, conflict with your client, important changes within your resource planning, your reputation tarnished, etc.).

Without going into details regarding project management practices, let’s recall the four main sequences in a project’s life:

  1. The project’s initialization: this step serves as the definition of the project’s concept. A worksheet for the project is drafted and submitted for approval.
  2. Planning: this step is very important since we specify the governance, the deliverables, the project’s action sequence and its schedule. Efforts and length have to be decided with precision and realism.
  3. Execution: this step refers to the project being executed. In addition to the execution, it is essential to regularly follow-up on the project’s progress to prevent imponderable risks (change demands, unexpected events, problems) as well as cataloguing and archiving modifications happening during the project concerning time (schedules), costs (budget) and scale (goals, specifications) for future references. 
  4. Closing: this step refers to the closing of the project.

Failure causes

In most cases, project failure usually comes from two particular steps from the project’s cycle:

The solution

Beyond good practices and your managers’ experience, you have to rely on specific tool to guarantee a thorough follow-up on every level of the project.

Regarding this particular manner, the Efficient 360/Abak 360 combo is an indispensable management tool.

Accordingly, Efficient 360 acts as a baseline in constant evolution for the duration of all the steps. It allows the initiation of the project’s concept the realization of an ideal planning by making sure that every important aspect (governance, scale, cost, schedule and others) is not forgotten or underestimated. That way, the risk of drifting off disappears.

Also, during the execution phase, Efficient 360 offers the possibility to easily follow the project’s evolution according to the approved planning and amend the project’s WBS along with the possibility of certain events occurring (change demands, unexpected events, problems) within costs (budget) and schedule. That way, modifying the project’s structure when needed is one thing; you still have to document these events and use a tool that allows you to compare the project’s plans.

Efficient 360 feeds and updates Abak 360 regarding the project’s structure as well as the way it evolves. As for Abak 360 itself, it manages the detailed entry of transactions (time, expenses and material, supplier invoices) and documents Efficient 360, allowing a flawless follow up of the project’s progress. Furthermore, through its invoicing and report modules, Abak 360 guarantees a seamless invoicing linked to a meticulous budget management.

The Efficient 360/Abak 360 combo is a formidably competent duo. In fact, the combined use of these two solutions allows you to identify eventual problematics from the start as well as the required modifications happening during the project’s completion. You can also count on a comprehensive management at budgetary level in addition to the schedule, therefore assuring substantial earnings in planning, productivity and profitability.

For more details, do not hesitate to contact us.


It is our pleasure to announce that you will soon have access to a thorough summarization of information regarding the key aspects of Abak 360; we have developed a micro-site easily navigable with concise content allowing you to rapidly access the information you really need. You will be able to visit this site by the end of the summer.


Abak provides three levels of access which affects the choices offered to the user when selecting a project in a timesheet entry:

This feature is set in in the employee’s file under the Security tab by clicking on Access-Project field.

Furthermore, it is possible to regulate on each project if the assigned resources are restricted or not by checking or unchecking the box "Resources" in the Restriction section of the Project’s General tab. If the box is checked, only the assigned employees will be allowed to select the project when entering a timesheet.



Here is our Summer Offer valid until August 31st, 2016.

Time Banks

We offer the following time banks:

Development and invoice format and report customization (this offer cannot be applied to current implementations)

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In order to respect Canada Day, our offices will be closed on Friday, July 1st 2016.