CyberAbak March 2017

March 1, 2017


Dear customers,

Here we are, already reaching March. Beyond usual New Year’s resolutions our team quickly regained cruise speed and resumed working on ongoing projects. I take this opportunity, on behalf of all our collaborators, to send you our best wishes for professional success and prosperity.

2017 will be a busy year for our team and we shall face important challenges. Among others, we shall deploy all necessary efforts to further improve Abak software and to develop new functionalities. Technology is evolving rather quickly. This is obvious in particular with respect to accounting software solutions, whose major publishers are moving towards online solutions. One of our challenges will be to ensure that our Abak software can communicate with these online accounting versions in the near future.
In addition, we will work hard to update our documentation, as software evolves faster than our ability to upgrade the related documentation. During the last months of 2016 we received a large number of requests regarding customized developments (reports, invoice formats), as well as requests for support which are explained by the growing number of our customers. Our reactivity here and there may have been affected, we apologize for any delay suffered. This is somewhere the ransom of our success. We will of course implement the necessary measures to optimize our response time.

We remain at your disposal, and hope that the relationship that unites us is not limited to a supplier-customer exchange but rather reflects a true partnership.

Best regards

Michel Hamel, Adm.A.
Regional vice-president, Strategic consulting project management




Technical support



Efficient360 is one of our project management software solutions

Sirius Software is proud to inform you that the ergonomics of the new Efficient 360 version have been modified to facilitate the use of software. Improvements have been brought to the navigation from one task and/or phase of the project to another to enhance software conviviality. Additionally, Efficient 360 now includes an automatic saving functionality. Hence, the user will no longer have to manually and punctually save information.

From now on, Efficient 360 will let you link change requests with the task linked to the deliverables,  thus an enhanced follow-up and improved event tracking abilities

In 2017, we will primarily work on consolidation of reports and dashboard. 

It will be even easier to plan and manage your projects while keeping control of your budget and your time schedule

For more information on Efficient feel free to contact us or visit


SIRIUS Training, branch of SIRIUS Group, is renowned for its capacity to train managers, project managers, directors, and any other person who need to understand how to work in project “mode”. Engineers, architects, accountants, our programs are designed to fulfill your needs and are renowned as such by many customers. Nowadays, project performance being a must, the challenge is to find the right people with the adequate skills and using the right tools to ensure that your projects will be successful. Our vast customer experience teaches us that the internal management process usually needs to be revised because projects can’t be managed in an operational mode; a reality still too present into the business world, which also impacts the capacity to reach the real objectives. For information, you can reach Robert Derome, MGP, PMP, vice president SIRIUS Training, – 514-982 9444 ext 21


Do you know that security can be set specifically for each report so that only user groups designated will access it? However, this is not done through the security module but rather through the Reports management module.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact our implementation department


Technical support

We are currently finalizing version 7.12 which will be released very shortly. We shall keep you posted as soon as final tests will have been completed