CyberAbak October 2016

September 29, 2016


Dear customers,

Summer has reached its end and it is now time to consider a new work season and its numerous projects. We have taken advantage of the summer months to finalize our new microsite, and we kept working on the next version 7.12. Further, we kept working at various levels of integration to enable Abak to communicate with other project management software from the Sirius Group and other solutions such as for instance Nethris which is a payroll software.

In the coming months we will intensify those actions. The aim remains to offer our customers not only a multidisciplinary range of project management solutions, but also training, consulting and business analysis (Big Data Analytics) services.

Along with these projects we will optimize some functionalities of Abak, particularly in terms of managing orders, as well as calendar synchronization with Outlook.
We wish you a good read and we remain at your service

Michel Hamel, Adm.A.
Regional vice-president, Strategic consulting project management




Towards an Abak360 - Efficient360 integration

Technical support



It is with pleasure and pride that we announce the launch of our microsite dedicated to Abak360 software. The purpose of this microsite, alongside our corporate website, is to present Abak360 in a commercial context, which highlights the benefits of using such a solution.
Here is the press release.

Sirius Software, a division of the Sirius Group, launches, on August 30 2016 its first microsite from its project management software solutions. This microsite is dedicated to Abak 360, a versatile web-based software aiming towards financial project management.

The microsite synthesizes in a more commercial language the multiple benefits of Abak 360. This primarily answers a wish to introduce a management software through a modern concept, such as a microsite, which combines conviviality with a swift access to information.

« We are very proud of this new platform which effectively illustrates the constant dynamism of our company » says Jacques Cusson, Adm. A. F.C.M.C. PMP, Executive Vice President, Strategy and Planning for Sirius

« This is an excellent marketing initiative which helps shine a light on our company’s image ». says Michel Hamel, Director General Operations - Abak Software


This summer, the circle of our French customers has grown with the arrival of NAPStec, a thirty employee service and computer engineering company based in Paris. NAPStec is part of Sirius Europe, itself being a division of our group.

NAPStec is partner of market leading vendors like Oracle © Talend ©, © Microsoft, BO (SAP) or QlikView ©.

NAPStec mission is to enhance the information of its customers to contribute to the success of their business strategies.

The existing management system, at that time in operation, showed its limits in regards to the growth of the business. NAPStec decided to reconsider this solution. Following an evaluation of several solutions on the market, NAPStec selected Abak360 © Abaksoftware to meet the main objectives it had set:

The challenge was met by both teams of NAPStec and Abak. The implementation of Abak360 took less than two months. This challenge has been successful thanks to the involvement of all stakeholders: Collaboration of the two organizations has been quite efficient.

July invoices were issued with Abak360 well and after more than 2 months of use, NAPStec already sees tangible signs of improvement in its daily management.


Here are some good advices from our implementation team

Customizing the grid

It is possible, in Abak Web, to customize the grid’s display so that only an overview of the information needed shows. Fewer clicks and only relevant information displayed improves efficiency.

When the column is added, it is possible either to search or sort by this field.

It is very easy to do a search in Abak Web. Simply enter the desired information in the search bar located below the column name. The system finds the information, no matter where the letters written are in the field


In addition, the "Grouping" option in the reference table allows you to group items in several places in Abak, particularly in the grids, but also in selection of criteria when you generate reports.

The “Grouping " option is found throughout all reference tables. By double-clicking on this option, wherever you are positioned, it will always be the same window that will open. The "Applicable to" field is the one that determines what type of groupingyouassociateyour name and grouping code. The code can be alphanumeric.

Here are the different types of possible grouping:

Make sure you select a grouping type in the "Applicable to" dropdown menu to be able to select it when you create the item.

For example: Grouping allows you define a contact’s responsibility: billing, marketing, technical support.

It is possible to group employees by function or to specify the status of a project; this can be useful when generating a specific report.

Or determine in which business sector you generate the most revenue, then prepare a targeted advertising plan

Towards an Abak360 - Efficient360 integration

We are proud to announce the completion of the new link (API) between Abak360 and EFFICIENT 360. The synchronization between the two systems will facilitate the management of your projects in real-time by giving you access to the percentage of completion of your projects, both at budget and time schedule levels. Hence, you will access the details of your budgets (planned vs. actual and future costs) and you will monitor the delivery of your projects related activities, increasing at the same time the accuracy of your project management activities and project governance.


Technical support

Customers in local mode - New requirements

*** Important note regarding the requirements for version 7.11 ***

The software is no longer supported on Windows Server 2003. Furthermore, we no longer support the 2005 version of Microsoft Sql Server.

Before planning the installation of the new version, we invite you to read our prerequisites document to ensure that your environment complies with version 7.11. This document is available on our extranet.

Public\Documents-Documentation\English\Technical\ Abak - Requirements - Local installation.pdf

AbakWeb – Upcoming version 7.12

Invoicing in Google Chrome

In the upcoming 7.12 version of Abak, incompatibility issues that exist between billing in AbakWeb and Google Chrome will be fixed.

To those who had to stop using Google Chrome due to these incompatibility issues, please note that Google Chrome will be functional again.

Abak synchronization to Outlook

In a nearby future it will be possible to synchronize the datebook with Outlook in the Web version.

Purchase orders

In a nearby future it will be possible to assign a purchase order to multiple projects.


Please note that our offices will be closed on Monday, October 10th.