Developer partner ACCPAC of the year 2003

August 23, 2003

Groupe AGI wins the very coveted prize "DEVELOPER PARTNER ACCPAC OF THE YEAR 2003"

The annual ACCPAC resellers' rendez-vous was held this year from August 17 to 23 for the first time in the beautiful city of Quebec, after having been held previously in Las Vegas in 2002 and Orlando in 2001.This year, Groupe AGI (Abak) was awarded the ultimate prize, coveted by more than 60 worldwide businesses represented at this event. This honor, " Developer Partner of the year " aimed at rewarding the developer of a system that integrated to the ACCPAC accounting software and that illustrated itself among all the ACCPAC resellers during the year.

There is no doubt that the technological advancement, stability and user friendly qualities of the Abak software are no stranger to its nomination. In addition, the excellent support and high standard customer service given to our clients and resellers (more than 50 resellers to this date) by the AGI team are direct contributors to this nomination. Abak is a product that is very much appreciated by the ACCPAC resellers and their clients for its user friendly approach, its flexibility and its transparent integration to the ACCPAC software. This event has allowed us, through the praises of our partners, to confirm their appreciation of the product. Let's not forget the excellent promotional work and the confidence demonstrated by our resellers who, throughout the years, have contributed in maintaining Abak in front of the competition with the quality of its product and the professionalism of the service offered.

Groupe AGI wishes to congratulate all the resellers that have been honored during the awards ceremony. In addition, Groupe AGI also wishes to thank ACCPAC for the excellent organisation of the Partnership event, which was attended by an outstanding number of resellers.

Guy Boisvert, president of Groupe AGI addressed this honor during the gala : " This award will motivate us to pursue our partnership with ACCPAC while continuing to promote our Abak software. This event shows very clearly our successful relationship with ACCPAC and its resellers since 1999. We will, very soon, integrate Abak to ACCPAC CRM which, we think, will be a very big success in the years to come. I was impressed with the diversity and the quality of the different conferences offered during the event and particularly with the enormous potential of the ACCPAC CRM solution. I think Abak will greatly profit from the flexibility of ACCPAC CRM".

About Groupe AGI (Abak)

Groupe AGI is an application provider that has gained a coveted niche in the time and billing industry. Since its inception in 1996, the company has grown rapidly. Today, with offices in Quebec and Montreal, Abak, Groupe AGI's flagship product, is sold world-wide. Abak, the company's time and billing solution is targeted to service oriented businesses. For more information, please visit


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