Time & billing software for Accounting Firms


Time is a valuable resource for accounting firms. Each partner working according to his/her own methodology, billing methods vary within the accounting firm. This is the reason why the invoicing tool must be flexible and versatile.

Abak360 offers an appropriate and customizable while automated billing process. Each partner may use his/her own templates and standard texts to speed up the production of invoices.

Moreover, Abak 360 includes an assignation module which allows planning resources on on-going and upcoming projects. The Gantt chart informs you at all times about the availability of your resources and if some resources have been over-scheduled.

Custom fields in Abak360 allow you to keep all relevant information about your customers and related projects.

On average, our customers tell us they have halved the time they spend on generating invoices.

Abak360 through its multiple reports identifies for each partner the respective revenues, costs and profits.

Why use Abak360

  • Eliminate duplicate data entry and save time
  • Get rid of under-invoicing and improve the profitability of your projects
  • Integrate Abak360 with your accounting system and optimize your efficiency

Convert your raw data into useful information

  • Customer Profitability and mandates
  • Control budget at all times
  • Revenues generated by resource
  • Profits and losses per partner
  • Work in progress
  • Cube reports generator

Here's how it works:

Why Abak 360?

Abak 360 screenshots:

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