Time & billing software for Architects Firms

Time and Billing for Architects:
Control Project Costs, Bill Accurately

Architects use Abak 360 to keep track of billable and non-billable time, and keep tabs on project budgets. Employees log time and expenses for a client and a project. Contractor invoices are entered as well, and attributed to one or several projects. When a deliverable is completed, it's easy to track billables and create the invoice for your client.

 Control budget costs: by task, by phase, even by sub-task

  • Eliminate duplicate data entry and save time
  • Eliminate under-billing and improve profitability
  • Integrate with your accounting systems and increase efficiency

Turn data into usable information with our 2-click reports:

  • Project and client profitability
  • Budget control
  • Resource revenues

Here's how it works:



Abak 360 screenshoots:

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