Time & billing software for Engineers Firms

Time and Billing for Consulting Engineers:
Your Projects, Organized and on Budget

Abak is a proud member of the American Council of Engineering Companies and the Association of Consulting  Engineering Companies of Canada.


With Abak, consulting engineers keep their work perfectly organized. Projects can start in Microsoft Project for planning and budgeting purposes, then be transferred over to Abak for the execution phase. In Abak, time worked and expenses incurred are not limited to employees: contractors and suppliers are also included! This makes it easy to track all project costs, and to bill all supplier and contractor work accurately – no matter how complex the project!

Microsoft Project fans can even transfer work and expenses back to the Project file and run earned value reports and Gantt charts from their project planning software.

At the business management level, it’s easy to see active projects, potential billings, budget status and actual profit margins. Companies know which project types are good for the business, and which clients bring in healthy revenues for the firm.

Plan and control project costs in real time

  • Bill effortlessly and accurately
  • Transfer to your accounting system and payroll service – no more double data entry.

Here's how it works:

Abak 360 screenshots:

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