Project management is a serious matter
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The convenience of an out of the box timesheet & billing software Including project setup, budget, resources assignment, timesheets, invoicing and advanced reporting tools.

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WHY ABAK 360 ?

Do you face these challenges?

I don’t have specific KPI’s to monitor profitability on projects

I don’t have the necessary tools to manage my budgets

Project managers don’t have access to real time project information

I am unable to control budget overruns

I am unable to see resources availability in real time

Project documentation is not centralised at one place

The overall project management is a difficult and tedious process

There is no current link between my project management tool and my financial system

Abak360 - A complete solution tailored to your needs

Abak360 is a complete solution which centralizes timesheets, expenses, invoicing, project costs management, resource planning and document management in one simple yet powerful package.

Abak 360 triggers configurable alerts when a project has reached or is about to reach a critical situation. You are kept informed and thus can take action to correct on time any project drift.

With Abak360

  • Budgets are accurate, detailed and easy to manage
  • You know your project profitability in real time
  • Timesheets entries are standardized
  • Invoicing is simple, fast and reliable
  • Profit margin on projects is optimized
  • At any time you know who is available to work on a project
  • Document management is based on projects
  • Your administrative processes related to projects are greatly simplified