Financial Project Management

Project managers don’t have to wait until all the budget is spent to do something about it.

Abak 360 can email you when the project's budget is at 75%, for example. This allows project managers and account managers to prevent unrecoverable overages in projects. At any time, Abak 360 can tell you which projects are profitable and which are not. Our timesheet & billing software makes you proactive.

Abak 360 project management keeps you profitable

At any time, the software tells you which projects are profitable and which are not. Using the cost information and invoices produced, our budget control and project performance reports will show you if your projects are on the right track.

Abak 360 project management software improves your budgeting skills

Our timesheet & billing software does not choose how detailed you’d like to make your budgets. It lets you budget at the high-level or at the task level. It’s up to you.

With our budget control reports, you’ll be able to see instantly which part of the project is causing a budget problem, and  which projects will need additional budgets. With Work In Process reports, you can even tell how much billable work has been done on the project.

Project cost management tailored for busy professionals

Abak 360 is a timesheet & billing software designed for professional services firms:
• Engineering firms
• Architecture firms
• CPA and financial practices
• Consulting firms
• Other small and medium enterprises