Abak Software makes systems to help organizations track time sheets, expenses reports and invoices.

Abak, the company’s time and billing, workflow and project cost management solution is sold all over the world.

The software is widely used and renowned in the service industry, with a large customer base in accounting, engineering, software engineering, architecture, research consultants, business consultants and multimedia. We use Crystal Reports to customize your reports and simplify your management. We also offer training to make sure you are well-prepared to make the most of Abak.

Time and billing products that save money

Time is the lifeblood of professional service firms. Time and billing management software helps you to ensure that there is no loss of time and that client-related expenses are properly passed on.

According to Guy Boisvert, Abak Software’s CEO, an estimated 2% of billable hours worked by personnel in service companies are not billed for various reasons: rates are absent, lack of approval, or simply "falling through the cracks." In the United States alone, this represents losses of $17 billion. “With software that automatically connects employee time sheets to invoices, our customers quickly recover their investment.”