NorthWind Land Resources
Versatile time and billing management software

By Tiffany Villeneuve - NorthWind Land Resources

Abak has allowed NorthWind Land Resources to provide time and expense software tracking to bill clients and track all employee time and expenses to ensure accurate billing consistency.

Comment written by Tiffany Villeneuve from NorthWind Land Resources

Efficient time and billing

By Tiffany Villeneuve - Northwind Land Resources Inc.

Abak has allowed Northwind to efficiently collect and approve all employee time sheets, track consultants, vendors and subcontractors. Northwind finds Abak to a versatile time & billing management software.

Comment written by Tiffany Villeneuve from Northwind Land Resources Inc.

Educational & Institutional Cooperative Service
A collaborative platform that supports the full lifecycle of servicing, billing, and identifying opportunities

By Jim Kowalski - Educational & Institutional Cooperative Service, Inc.

Abak, above its other competitors in this space, was able to execute on our requirements, with an attentive and qualified team, at an extremely cost effective model.

Comment written by Jim Kowalski from Educational & Institutional Cooperative Service, Inc.

Orbis Engineering Field Services 
Our profitability and accountability have increased

By Cody Zaitsoff - Orbis Engineering Field Services Inc.

Abak understands the issues face by Engineering Consulting firms and the solutions and options they are able to provide make the relationship Orbis has formed with Abak an important one. Since adopting Abak Software, our profitability and accountability have increased, and Abak's support have become an important part of our success.

Comment written by Cody Zaitsoff from Orbis Engineering Field Services Inc.

Grant Thornton
The service and support has been amazing!

By Chris Thurrott - Grant Thornton

A big thank you so far to the Abak team. The service and support with this, our first install, has been amazing! You guys have all been a very big help to me and to our client, Wallace Macdonald & Lively. Because of this I'm very excited about this product and look forward to more installations. It's nice to know I have someone there for support when I need them. We deal with other third party products for ACCPAC and we don't receive support like this. Keep up the good work, and be sure to pass this message on to the others for me...

Comment written by Chris Thurrott from Grant Thornton