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Timesheets software on the go: Abak 360 Mobile

Abak 360 Mobile is a software that allows employees, consultants and contractors to log their time even when they have not Internet access. With a smart device such as an iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch or Android smartphone, they fill out their timesheets wherever they are.

Abak 360 Mobile allows users to do basic operations with time sheets:

  • Display timesheets
  • Create new timesheets
  • Duplicate an existing time sheet
  • Edit an existing time sheet
  • Delete time sheets that are not approved or not invoiced

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Expenses account software on the go: Abak 360 Mobile

Using your iPhone or Android smart phone you can log your expenses in Abak. Hence, wherever you are, it is possible to complete your expense account and submit it faster than before. With 7.8, the upcoming version of Abak 360, you will be able to take a photo with your smart phone or to attach a document to your expense account. When printing your expense account all supporting documents will be printed.
The time you lost or forget to join your receipts to your expense report belongs to the past!

Abak 360 Mobile proposes the basic functionalities of the expense account:

  • View expense accounts in a grid with subtotals
  • Create an expense account
  • Duplicate an expense account
  • Modify an existing expense account
  • Delete an expense account
  • With version 7.8 : ability to take picture of a receipt or attach a document to an expense.
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