Accounting systems and payroll solution

Accounting software

Abak 360 integrates seamlessly with most major accounting systems. Accounting integration is based on the executive entity, so you don’t need to use the same system at all your divisions or branches.

With Abak 360, integrating a simple matter of filling out a few fields directly in the application. There is no special configuration to set in the accounting system.

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Abak 360 transfers time sheets, expenses, invoices and vendor invoices to your Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable. Abak 360 is compatible with Sage 50 (Simply Accounting by Sage), Sage 300 (formerly Accpac ERP), QuickBooks, Avantage, and Acomba.

Integration With Payroll Services

Why should you have to retype time sheet information to process payroll? Doesn’t it make more sense to send the data directly to payroll ?

In Abak 360, we send time sheet hours directly to your payroll service.

It’s a simple matter of choosing which time sheets to send to payroll, and Abak 360 does the rest. The process is automatic.

Abak 360 integrates with Sage 300 (formerly Accpac ERP), QuickBooks, ADP, ACOMBA.