Project Cost Management

A software that determines your project cost down to the task or phase

  • Our timesheet and billing software computes project costs automatically as time and expenses are reported by the project team.
  • Simply configure a budget for your project and Abak 360 will let you know, at any time, how well the project is doing cost-wise.
  • Project cost is manageable at the project, phase and even task level, giving you maximum flexibility in setting up your control levels.

Keep control of your project costs and revenues

  • Our Budget Control Report shows if your projects are profitable, in real time.
  • Based on logged time and expenses and up-to-date invoices, you’ll know right away if you’re making money on the project.

Abak 360 WIP control application

  • With the Work in Progress report, you’ll be able to see how much billable time and expenses can be invoiced for the project.



Project management and reporting