Dashboards and Reports

What good is all the data you put in a system, if you can't get good information out of it?

With Abak 360, you know how your projects are doing and how your business is doing:

  • Project budget control
  • Client profitability
  • Potential revenue by resource
  • Billable hours per client, per period
  • Work in progress report: what is ready to be billed

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The cube report in Abak Web is easy to configure, to use, and allows for quick retrieval of reports and graphs generated according to your needs 

  • The process is extremely simple: you select and organize the information you want in your report.
  • This information can be exported to Excel so that you can manipulate data at will.
  • It is easy to choose the information you want to display using simple or complex criteria.
  • You want to add a graphic? Select it; it is as simple as that. According to the selected data, the chart will be displayed.
  • You want to perform a simple mathematical calculation on a given type of data? You create new fields and use them in your report.
  • The majority of customer’s information, projects, phases of projects, timesheets, expense reports, invoices, vendor invoices are available in the cube report.
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Dashboards: for information you can look at

Abak's 360 dashboard creates a graph from any data point in your system: billable hours per employee, invoiced amount by division or partner, expenses per project, and so much more!

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