Timesheet & Expenses solution

Track your time efficiently with our timesheets software

Time can be logged in hours or days, and invoiced either way. This software allows you to track time by project, client, and task or phase while getting very precise reporting in project costs and revenues. It can define billable timesheet at the activity level, and can be changed at any time directly in our timesheet software. Our configurable pay codes include multipliers, so that overtime cost is computed accurately and for more clarity, time sheet notes can also be printed on the invoice directly.

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Abak 360 : Expenses management

Just like timesheets, expenses are associated with a client and project. Expense types are configured at the system level and allow for pre-defined rates (for mileage, for example).

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Log expenses in a batch when logging your time

Select your usual expense types per default and hence speed-up the expenses logging process. With a single click you can join your receipts to your expenses account: osing your receipts belongs to the past! Print both your expenses accounts and related documents in one shot. With Abak 360 timesheet and billing software, information related to your timesheets and expenses accounts is easily and quickly logged.

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Each expense can be reimbursable and billable. With Abak 360, you can automate how you bill your project expenses. Markups and markdowns are configurable at the project and the expense level.