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System Overview

Abak 360 is more than just a time sheet system: it's a productivity suite that lets you take control of your payroll, billing and get accurate, reliable data on costs and revenues.

Abak 360 Gives You a Clear Vision of Your Business

Abak 360 connects work done with client invoices, and shows you where your business is successful, and which projects are not profitable


Abak 360's invoicing system simplifies billing. More than that; with Abak 360 timesheet and expense reports, you can be sure that no billable item is forgotten.

Timesheets and expenses

Watch how easy it is for employees to fill out their time sheets and expense reports.

Project Management

With ABAK 360, you keep control of project costs. You'll know, in real time, how your projects are doing, and you'll be able to react and control costs before they become a problem.


Get the reports you want, the way you want them.

Our timesheet & invoicing software integrates with our other products

Project management in a snap

Simplicity and productivity