Optimize your Project Management

A completely integrated web-based solution to optimize project management

The project management software Efficient 360 contributes to the identification of opportunities and supports the process of project planning. It is modulated according to the complexity of the project, regardless of its nature and degree of complication. By automating various administrative activities, Efficient 360 reduces the cost of project management.

With our web-based project management software, staff productivity is enhanced from 10% to 20% due to:

  • Shortens the projects cycle launch (with templates);
  • Integrates monitoring of events (change requests, registers, etc.);
  • Automates production of progress reports;
  • Automates creation of corporate memory;
  • Reduces the resistance to change through automation of deliverables.

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A software that works for your project management

Early on, Efficient helps with the planning and the identification of opportunities. The software is useful for anticipating impacts, scenarios and limitations. It then helps you with the monitoring and control of your project, whether it be with progress reports, contingencies, risk management or change requests. The software helps you with the integration through the whole process: accountability, impact analysis, assessment, deliverables, etc.

By shortening the project launch cycle, by improving the monitoring of events or by automating corporate memory, Efficient 360 enhances staff productivity by 10% to 20%. Our project management software also supplies information since it integrates and uses all project data and reduces the resistance to change through the automation of deliverables.