Control and monitor your project

Once your project is initiated, ensure appropriate monitoring.

Efficient 360 software is designed to integrate all aspects of a project:

  • management,
  • documentation,
  • tracking of problems and mishaps,
  • pending issues,
  • approvals,
  • risks,
  • deliverables...

Furthermore, the management software integrates the impact of each event on the current project plan, making it possible to measure the actual progress made on the project in real time. Efficient 360 automatically generates project progress reports by integrating all project data, which makes it a great information generator when it comes to accountability.

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Simple and automated dashboards for even more efficiency!

In the same way, Efficient 360 handles change requests (CRs) and analyzes impacts on the project reference plan as a whole. Scoreboards are automatically created. Efficient 360 generates deliverables on its own; the platform generates the project charter, the project plan, progress reports, etc. The software helps project managers manage, measure and act on projects to uphold commitments. Efficient 360 platform is designed based on optimization and productivity principles.

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