Plan and initiate your project

Efficient 360 supports project teams in the early stages of a project.

Efficient 360 guides project teams in the creation of business cases. This process brings clarification in several respects, for a project management that is even more specific and adapted. The software provides a way to:

  • Identify business requirements
  • Enter limitations
  • Record cost-benefit analyses
  • Record reference plans
  • Automatically create the project charter

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Efficient...right from the beginning

Efficient 360 is a valuable tool when it comes to defining and planning your project effectively. The management software allows you to qualify the scope and complexity of your project and based on this assessment, it will generate a project plan that will help define the scope, limitations, deliverables and other project markers. Efficient 360 will then create a reference plan to monitor the project.

By supporting you in the planning and launching stages of your project, Efficient 360 provides solid grounding. You can keep track of management processes thanks to a simple, yet efficient software tool. Effective 360 systematically proposes appropriate, ready-to-use information, thereby eliminating double entries. The software provides a databank of project models using formally recognized work methods to help jump-start projects.

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