Document the corporate memory

Efficient 360 creates the organizational memory.

Efficient 360 features an intelligent log to easily and effectively document all events. After determining the impacts, the software triggers the traceability function to incorporate the repercussions. The traceability function is central to the automated project plan comparison system; the system generates a project plan that automatically illustrates all of the changes made.

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Automated baselines for all your projects.

Thanks to the “Comparative Project Plan” function, Efficient 360 automatically establishes an assessment of each project. It makes it the perfect tool, whether it is for closing projects or for building corporate memory. With the reusable project models stored in Efficient 360, organizations have all the information they need.

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Improved project closing

Efficient 360 project management software establishes an assessment of numerous parameters. It’s a valuable tool that enables the organization or company to improve project management from many perspectives: project implementation assumptions, project estimation scales, task sequencing, integration of lessons learned, etc. A great way to exercise tight, effective, optimal project management.

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