Ideal for IT, Engineering & Construction Firms

Efficient 360 relieves project managers of administrative duties so that they may devote themselves to their primary role: MANAGING THE PROJECT. 

Efficient 360’s functionalities provide significant benefits to both organizations and project management professionals.


The quest for success is pervasive in our society. It is also  well-rooted in the world of project management. Several organizations have developed know-how, methods, tools, a system of accountability and continuous improvement process to promote and enhance the success of their projects. This systematization resulted in the creation of several requirements or deliverable to measure and observe and to act on the progress of projects.

These requirements and deliverables are indispensable, but the generation of this information results in a substantial administrative burden. According to our studies, project managers invest more than 40% of their time to process information

You will find that:

  • Each Project managers has a different way of doing things
  • They use many tools to track projects
  • They find the administrative tasks associated with project management to be  a burden

Ensure the success of your projects. Efficient 360:

  • Supports users from the very beginning of a project
  • Helps project teams establish business cases right up until the end of a project
  • Actually serves as a guide for project managers, helping them not to forget anything
  • Makes things easier by measuring all project discrepancies

Optimize your project teams:

  • By using predefined models
  • By recording all deviations from the initial request to better understand and measure variances
  • With a function that automatically generates the documents needed for tracking
  • By using your own deliverables generator the platform automatically generates the project charter, project plan and status based on the complexity of the project
  • With an online log to help the project manager track each project

Get real organizational value-add: 

  • Efficient 360 integrates how each event will impact the project plan
  • Efficient 360 handles change requests (CR)
  • Efficient 360 automatically creates a corporate memory
  • Efficient 360 ensures continuity between projects

Here is how it works: