Perfect for Project Management Professionnals

Efficient 360 relieves project managers of administrative duties so that they can devote themselves to their primary role: MANAGING THE PROJECT.

Efficient 360’s functionalities provide significant benefits to both organizations and project management professionals.

Project management professionals
Project managers are responsible for delivering their projects on time, on budget and in accordance with the owner’s requirements. As a project manager, you are always looking for new methods to help you succeed.

Efficient 360 is the perfect tool for you.

  • It provides support from the earliest stages of the project
  • It helps you establish business cases right up until the end of the project
  • It serves as a guide to help you not forget anything
  • It provides a tracking mechanism to make things easier by measuring all project discrepancies

Optimize your service:

  • By using predefined models
  • By recording all deviations from the initial request to better understand and measure variances
  • With a function that automatically generates the documents needed for tracking
  • By using your own deliverables generator. The platform automatically generates the project charter, project plan and status based on the complexity of the project
  • With an online log to help you track your project

Add value to your clients by: 

  • A recognized management approach
  • Optimized efforts improves clients’ satisfaction
  • Enhancing your post-implementation service by giving your clients all of the data from the project
  • Contributing to the creation of an organizational memory for your clients

Here is how it works: