360 Overview

EPM Cloud 360 provides preconfigured scorecard and groups together all projects in a single screen

EPM Cloud 360 groups together all projects in a single screen.

It offers both everyday work tool of production teams and is the essential tool to manage the portfolio of projects. Updates of the project are immediately visible. With one click, the view is reorganized to see the projects according to their phases or owner. With one click, we change the view to monitor the financial aspects of the projects that we group by portfolio.

 From this centralized view of projects, it is then possible to access the details of the planning and progress of each project. In addition, each project has its own website containing details of the project, such as:

  • Working documents
  • Deliverables
  • Risks
  • Issues
  • Team discussions
  Portfolio Project Management Software

EPM Cloud 360 provides a clear and comprehensive view of resource utilization

Its many functionalities informs the management teams of the work to be done and completed by resources, regardless of the projects. EPM Cloud 360 has a view of the ressources: the "Resource Center." This allows quick access to updates of resources, such as useful views on the allocation and availability. View "availability of resources" shows a graph of availability. The black line indicates the capacity overruns and availability. The facts that support the graph are shown on the table below.

Resource utilization dashboard

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Follow your resource assessement with EPM Cloud 360 Software