All your projects in one place

With EPM Cloud 360, it becomes possible to easily manage projects and resources to understand the past, monitor the present and shape the future.

EPM Cloud 360 is designed for small and large companies using a detailled project management.

Many companies create their business strategy at the beginning of a new project. The success of these is at the heart of organizational growth. After some deliveries, management generally finds that success does not come by magic, but rather relies on an organized and structured project approach

Incorporate your priorities in decision making

The answer is in a portfolio management approach. Portfolio management helps optimize "project mix" to maximize the strategic outcomes within your annual capitalization budgets.


Minimize your investments and maximize your return
EPM 360 Cloud helps manage all phases of the life cycle of a project. This solution provides all the benefits of an enterprise portfolio without having to invest in expensive IT infrastructure.

With just one click, EPM Cloud 360 provides:

  • a financial view projects grouped by portfolio;
  • aid in the decision by a simulation tools to measure the impact of strategies ;
  • a dashboards "project" in real time 

EPM Cloud 360 provides tools to:

  • ensure the harmonization of work and strategy ;
  • identify business issues to react quickly

Get an integrated tool for a fraction of the price

  • EPM Cloud 360 is a complete Microsoft Project Server virtual environment
  • EPM Cloud 360 is a proven tool founded on the most recognized project management tool, Microsoft Project
  • EPM Cloud 360 is configured and ready to use

Here is how it works: