Resource Managing at a lower cost

Thanks to EPM Cloud 360, you can now easily manage projects and resources in a way that will help you understand the past, control the present and shape the future.

EPM Cloud 360 was designed for SMEs and large companies that practise detailed project management.

Capacity management helps optimize how resources are used by assigning them to appropriate duties and anticipating critical periods. EPM Cloud 360 helps manage every stage of a project’s life cycle. This solution provides all of the advantages of a resource management software solution without the need to invest in a costly IT infrastructure.

You will notice that:

  • Some projects struggle due to a lack of work capacity
  • You have more projects to complete than your teams can handle
  • You always ask yourself the same question: who is doing what?

With EPM Cloud 360, you get:

  • A complete tool to manage your teams’ capacity to deliver projects
  • A clear, overall view of how resources are being used
  • Access to the work to be done and completed by resources on all projects at all times

EPM Cloud 360 provides tools to:

  • Manage your resources’ availability
  • Manage each resource’s workload
  • Assign the right jobs to the right people at the right time
  • Track available skills and assign them to the appropriate tasks

Get an integrated tool for a fraction of the price

  • EPM Cloud 360 is a complete Microsoft Project Server virtual environment
  • EPM Cloud 360 is a proven tool founded on the most recognized project management tool, Microsoft Project
  • EPM Cloud 360 is preconfigured and ready to use

Here is how it works: