Ideal for IT, Engineering & Construction Firms

With EPM Cloud 360, it becomes possible to easily manage projects and resources to understand the past, monitor the present and shape the future.

EPM Cloud 360 is designed for small and large companies using a detailled project management.

Many companies create their business strategy at the beginning of a new project. The success of these is at the heart of organizational growth. After some deliveries, management generally finds that success does not come by magic, but rather relies on an organized and structured project approach

Harmonize the monitoring of your teams.

Project management aims to harmonize approaches to integrate effective indicators and establish a continuous improvement mechanism. EPM Cloud 360 has been adapted based on SIRIUS 14 years of field experience.With this pre-configuration, a company can implement the solution quickly and easily, while optimizing its processes with SIRIUS method. The risks inherentof the an installation are greatly reduced.

Minimize your investments and maximize your return

EPM Cloud 360 helps manage every stage of a project’s life cycle. This solution provides all of the advantages of a project management software solution without the need to invest in a costly IT infrastructure.

With just one click, EPM Cloud 360 provides:

  • A view of projects by stage or owner
  • Access to detailed planning and progress information on each project
  • A tool providing real-time access to project updates
  • A collaborative website for each project

EPM Cloud 360 provides tools:

  • To establish tasks and track the progress made
  • To exchange information in a collaborative setting

Get an integrated tool for a fraction of the price

  • EPM Cloud 360 is a complete Microsoft Project Server virtual environment
  • EPM Cloud 360 is a proven tool founded on the most recognized project management tool, Microsoft Project
  • EPM Cloud 360 is preconfigured and ready to use

Here is how it works: