Functionalities & Specifications

Document management audits and reports.

Consulting Services ISO 360* allows document management by the centralization of the documents and templates of the system. The process management software also includes an approval cycle, for an effective management of the different document versions, while controlling who can see the documents and sending notifications of the changes to be approved. Consulting Services ISO 360* manages forms, instructions, policies and processes.

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Consulting Services ISO 360* software helps you with the management of your business processes. It enables the complete management of your processes and products. The planning of an internal audit allows the identification of the auditor, the auditee and the audit date. The auditor may then perform the audit by completing the report directly in Consulting Services ISO 360* and submit it to the quality manager, who can then create queries and/or tasks in line with the findings. Tasks help trigger immediate action and monitor the resolution of the issues identified.

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In addition, Consulting Services ISO 360* can produce reports including observed trends, actions taken and continuous improvement decisions, always in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard. The reports integrate the data issued from forms such as audits, processes, requests, tasks, nonconformity, etc.

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Requests for corrective or preventive action or for continuous improvement are managed directly in our process management software, ISO 360*. Queries can come from an internal or external audit, a management review or a user. They allow the identification of the problem or situation, the assignment of a resource, analysis and action planning. The action plan can generate individual tasks that may be assigned to another resource responsible for the follow-up.

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* « Please take note that the services provided by SIRIUS in association with the expression « Consulting Services ISO 360 » are not provided, accredited or recognized by the international Organization for Standardization (ISO) ».